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Is SEO Dead? Not Local SEO! + How to Do It Right

Despite the recent updates, changes, and craziness with Google and the SERPs, there's one piece of the puzzle that's largely unfazed: local SEO.

Tom Demers | July 25, 2024 | SEO

Why Use Google Ads? Here Are 10 Reasons

Why use Google AdWords? Because it works! Thousands of companies are getting ROI from their AdWords campaigns. Learn 10 reasons why AdWords PPC is a highly effective marketing channel that can deliver sales, leads and ROI for your business.

A Beginner’s Guide to Content Strategy for the Web: 10 Things You Need to Know

Having a strong content strategy in place makes all the difference when it comes to meeting your content goals. Learn the 10 elements of a successful content strategy for the web, including voice and tone, structural concerns, and other web content marketing strategies.

Guest Author
November 28, 2012 | Content Marketing

YouTube Advertising Guide: How to Advertise in YouTube Videos

Those ads that run before your YouTube video drive a ton of brand awareness and bring targeted new traffic to your site. Learn how to run YouTube advertisements, ranging from stationary banners to in-video video ads.

Larry Kim
November 27, 2012 | Marketing Ideas

Blog Management for Small Businesses: The Ultimate Guide

Learn how to run a successful small business blog with this guide to blog creation, tactical planning, and strategic management for SMB blogs.

Guest Author
November 19, 2012 | Content Marketing

How to Rank for a Keyword in 10 Steps

Want to see your website on the elusive first page of Google for a given search term? Unless you’re Wikipedia or The New York Times, it won’t be easy. But it’s not impossible, either. Learn how to rank for a keyword in 10 steps in this post.

Elisa Gabbert
November 14, 2012 | SEO

The Best Tweets of All Time: Our List of the Most Important, Record-Breaking Tweets Ever

Read the list of the best tweets in the history of Twitter! These are the funniest, most retweeted, and most important tweets of all time.

Megan Marrs
November 8, 2012 | Social Media

How to Find Long-Tail Keywords: 9 Ways to Discover Long-Tail Terms

Long-tail keywords are often less competitive and therefore easier to rank for. Not sure where to find long-tail keyword terms for your search marketing campaigns? Learn nine novel ways to find long-tail keywords in this guide to long-tail keyword discovery for SEO.

What is Evergreen Content? A Guide to Long-Lasting Content That Boosts SEO

If you’re involved with SEO, content marketing or any kind of web marketing, you’ve probably heard the phrase “evergreen content." So what is evergreen marketing? We dive into all things evergreen in this article.

Megan Marrs
October 16, 2012 | Content Marketing

10 Reasons SEO Is Harder for Small Businesses

Why is SEO so much harder for small businesses? Here are ten reasons that bigger companies and well-known brands find it easier to succeed at SEO.

Elisa Gabbert
October 15, 2012 | SEO

Vanity URL: What It Is & How To Get One

A vanity URL is an unique web address that is branded for marketing purposes. Learn all the ins and outs of vanity URLs and how to use them to your advantage in this post.

Victor Pan
October 11, 2012 | Social Media

Content Keywords FAQ: How to Use SEO Keywords for Content Marketing

Get answers to your most frequently asked questions about keyword research for content marketing and how to use SEO keywords in your website content.

Top 25 Most Popular YouTube Videos of All Time: What Makes a Video Go Viral?

What are the best YouTube videos of all time? Read our Top 25 YouTube Videos list, learn what sets them apart from the rest, and discover how to make your own viral YouTube videos.

Megan Marrs
October 2, 2012 | Video Marketing

24 of the Most Surprising A/B Tests of All Time

24 marketing experts share the results of their craziest, most shocking A/B tests, including landing page A/B tests, PPC ad text tests and more.

Elisa Gabbert
September 25, 2012 | Conversion Rates

What to Do if Google Ads Says Your Landing Page Experience Is Below Average

Does Google say your landing page experience is below average? Here's what to do about it: 10 tips to improve your Google Ads landing page experience.

Megan Marrs
September 20, 2012 | Paid Search Marketing

How to Set Your AdWords Budget: New Shared AdWords Budget Options

A review of how to set your AdWords budget using the new shared AdWords Budget feature allowing you to deploy spend across similar campaigns. Is it a good idea?

Larry Kim
September 19, 2012 | Paid Search Marketing

Organic vs. Paid Clicks: These Are Not the Clicks You’re Looking For

Recently, a new, related report has been making the rounds. This study, carried out by GroupM UK and Nielsen, reports that 94% of total search engine clicks go to organic results, with just 6% of click share left for paid search ads.  

Tricks to Get the Click: 10 Tips for Writing Better PPC Text Ads [New Guide]

This free guide features 10 great tips and best practices to help you write better performing PPC text ads. Get your guide now!

Elisa Gabbert
September 6, 2012 | Copywriting

Content Marketing Magic: Aligning Keyword & Content Types with Business Goals

Before you start creating SEO content, define your business goals, and learn how to align keywords and content types with those marketing goals.

Elisa Gabbert
September 4, 2012 | Marketing Ideas

Why Are Popular Keywords So Hard to Rank for with a New Website?

While digging through our analytics for question keywords, I found the following question: Why are popular keywords so hard to rank for with a new website? It’s a good question, although the longer you work in search marketing, the more obvious the answer becomes.

Elisa Gabbert
August 28, 2012 | SEO

25 Ways to Use Google Ads Data for SEO

One often-mentioned best practice for SEO is to use a test PPC campaign to “get some initial data” about a query space, and people frequently make reference to the fact that you can get valuable insights for your organic optimization efforts by looking at pay-per-click data.

Google SERP Dumps 5.5% of Organic First Page Listings

You may have noticed recently that Google has been showing just 7 organic search listings on the first page for many searches, instead of the usual 10. Take for example, this search for "adwords," which shows just 7 organic search listings.

Larry Kim
August 21, 2012 | SEO

25 Fast Facts About Google Ads

Learn 25 fascinating facts about Google AdWords, Google's $38-billion search advertising network.

The Long-Term Value of SEO: Does SEO Value Last Forever?

Learn three reasons why the myth that SEO traffic and value lasts forever is false. The long-term value of SEO is not as rock-solid as you think.

Larry Kim
August 9, 2012 | SEO

Google People Search Engine?! How I Taught Google Search to People Search

What is Google people search, anyway? Learn all about Google people search in this post, including how you can teach it tricks to help your strategy.

Advertiser Claims 80% of Facebook Ad Clicks are From Bots

A Facebook advertiser claims that 80% of the clicks from facebook advertising were from bots. The company is so unhappy with the results on recent Facebook ad tests; they're deleting their Facebook page entirely.

Larry Kim
July 31, 2012 | Facebook Ads

Unnatural Links: What They Are & What to Do About Them

Did you receive a warning that your site has unnatural links? Learn what unnatural links are and what to do in case affected by the Penguin update.

Guest Author
July 30, 2012 | SEO