Google Introduces Site Links for Deeper SERP Listings: More Evidence of Big Brand Promotion

August 17, 2016

Anybody else notice this yet?

Looks like Google has just added site links to trusted domain listings that fall further down in the SERPs.

I discovered the algorithmic update this morning when looking at the WordTracker home page listing.

Google has added site links to trusted domains that fall deeper down in the search results.

Note that this WordTracker lisiting is #8 in the rankings, on page one for the query "keyword research tools."

Google has added new trust signals to deeper, page one SERP listings

Now, we've been seeing site links for trusted domains that rank number one in the SERPs for some time now. But adding site links to listings that fall deeper down the page is clearly a new feature.

I interpret this as another example of the big Google move to more brand promotion in the SERPs. By incorporating this new trust signal, Google is clearly placing much more emphasis on and rewarding trusted, authoritative brands, and attempting to "sort out the cesspool."

It's even more of a reason why you're going to need aged domains to hope to compete in SEO, going forward.

I'd be curious to see if anyone else can point out more instances of this latest trust signal occurring with other big brands.

Ken Lyons

Ken Lyons

Ken Lyons is a cofounder and managing partner of Measured SEM.