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Last week at the Search Engine Strategies conference, I had the opportunity to be on panel discussion entitled: Brainstorming the Paid Search Super Tool, led by Josh Dreller, VP of Media Technology & Analytics, Fuor Digital. It was really awesome to be included among representatives from the leading PPC Management Software providers including:

  • Wister Walcott, Co-Founder and VP of Products, Marin Software
  • Eduardo Llach, CMO of SearchRev (Acquired by AKQA)
  • Chris Zaharias, VP of Sales for SearchCenter

Following the discussion Josh did a short video interview with me about WordStream and the conference, which you can watch here on YouTube!

Now I have to say I'm disappointed with myself for a few reasons, including:

  • For being so darn shifty-eyed (No, i'm not watching a tennis match, its just a really bad habit)
  • And failing to articulate a good answer to Josh's last question pertaining to what were some of the interesting neat features in the PPC tools platforms.

If I were asked the question again, I would have said:

  • Marin Software: Has the slickest UI of any PPC management tool I have ever seen, period.
  • SearchRev: It is hard to imagine how difficult it would be to manually roll out such a granular geo-targeted pay-per-click campaign and reports without using their campaign cloning technologies.
  • Omniture: Overall a comprehensive offering among an even more comprehensive suite of digital marketing products.

Obviously there's way more to these PPC software products, but I found those aspects to be particularly compelling. So thanks again conference organizers, and to everyone who attended the session.

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