Over 1 Trillion Served: The Ultimate FREE Keyword Tool for PPC and SEO

April 11, 2018

Today WordStream released what I and numerous other industry experts believe to be the most comprehensive and accurate keyword tool ever. The best part is that we're giving it away for free – no strings attached!

WordStream's Free Keyword Tool is quite different from other keyword tools – we've partnered with ISPs, search engines and other data providers to aggregate and weight over one billion unique keywords, representing well over a trillion search queries, and hundreds of millions of related terms from diverse keyword sources. This video shows how it works:


And this Keyword Tool FAQ explains how we've made it more comprehensive, accurate and faster than other keyword tools out there.

But you can see for yourself by trying it out now – type some test queries into the keyword box. If you can't think of anything to search on, try these examples:

Now, compare those results to the results of the free or paid keyword tool you were previously using. Most other companies provide far fewer keywords and many actually charge for them. WordStream gives you the entire list of keywords - thousands of keyword opportunities, free of charge, because we fundamentally believe that keywords should be free – why?

A few years back when I was in the trenches, doing SEO and PPC for my agency clients, I found that a keyword research tool offered a starting point for search marketing work, but had many shortcomings:

  • Not Actionable: A huge list of keywords isn't actionable by itself. I spent the vast majority of my time and effort analyzing, researching, grouping and organizing that keyword data so I could turn it into profitable SEO and PPC campaigns
  • Not Proprietary: Since everyone had access to the same keyword suggestions, it wasn’t possible to gain a competitive advantage. I found that the most valuable keyword opportunities were the keywords derived from a client’s own customers. Customers were converting to sales using particular keywords on the client's site, but keyword tools ignored this data. I found the key to success was to develop my own proprietary keyword research, which aggregated both the raw data from public keyword tools with the proprietary data available only to me.
  • Not Personalized: Keyword suggestion tools by design favor popular keywords. But don't mistake popularity with relevancy. It was up to me to determine keyword relevance by crafting search campaigns and iteratively measuring actual results rather than relying on dubious, generalized estimates.
  • Not Iterative: Keyword lists are static, like cement. Effective keyword research has to be fluid and continuous – unless you’re satisfied with static results. I needed software that could take my initial research and continuously re-factor new insights derived from actual clicks and conversions to improve accuracy and relevancy. I could then further leverage those insights to optimize and expand my SEO and PPC campaigns.

I came to the realization that it's not keywords themselves that are valuable, but rather what you do with those keywords – your ability to understand and manage how your keywords perform on your site to drive sales and profits.

You may think I'm contradicting myself. On one hand, I'm announcing the release of this awesome new free keyword tool, but on the other hand I'm essentially saying that keyword suggestion tools have little lasting value.

At WordStream, we make the following distinction between The Free Keyword Tool and our subscription-based keyword management solution:

  • The Free Keyword Tool is better than anything else out there. If you're currently paying for a keyword discovery tool, there's really no longer any reason to do so. We'll give you more relevant keyword suggestions (over a billion of them), and it's also faster and free. Save your money, and pay it forward by giving it to charity or something.
  • If you're interested in doing more with your keywords, try out our keyword management solution that allows search marketers to efficiently and profitably understand, organize and act on their own keywords and analytics, the most precise and valuable data source an advertiser or optimizer has.

As for what's next, The Free Keyword Tool marks an important milestone in our overall product strategy and company vision to improve SEM productivity through innovation. So please, give it a try, spread the word, click the Sphinn button at the top of the page, and most importantly, send us your feedback so that we can continue to improve and enhance this free product offering!

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Larry Kim

Larry Kim

Larry Kim is the founder of WordStream and CEO of MobileMonkey, a chatbot building platform.

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