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April 3, 2015

Welcome to WordStream

There's big news in WordStream World. We've moved to shnazzy new digs! It's pretty exciting and we all love the new space in Boston's Back Bay, just across from the Prudential Center. We're on the 16th floor of the Christian Science Monitor building and the views are incredible. What's more, our new space is a big step up from the last place. See that "WordStream is that-a-way" sign above. Yes, that was the actual sign that greeted visitors at our previous office, so you can imagine what the rest of the place looked like.

Actually, you don't have to imagine. I've taken some pics of the new WordStream office and I've also got some photos of the old space (evidence is what the police are calling them now), that way you can witness our ascent from outhouse to penthouse. So sit back, relax and enjoy this photo montage of WordStream through the years...or should I say "year" since we're only 12 months old.

WordStream: The Early Months

When WordStream was launched a little over a year ago (mind you it was a soft launch, a veeeeery soft launch), Founder Larry Kim and one of WordStream's first official hires Tom Demers were headquartered out of a pretty unorthodox space. Here's the first WordStream location. Pretty sweet, huh?

The WordStream Panera Office was rent FREE!

That's right, Larry and Tom first set up shop in this local Panera. It's actually kind of a dream space if you think about it: ready access to snacks, drinks, toilets and FREE Wi-Fi access. Plus, they didn't spend a dime on rent. Little did the Panera people know that there was an exciting, new search marketing software company blossoming right in their midst. Actually, I'm sure they were more concerned with figuring out how to oust the two strange dudes who were freeloading in the corner booth all day, every day and bothering everybody with dorky SEO and PPC debates.

But once Larry secured some VC funding, it was on to greater things. Tom and Larry left cozy confines of the Panera Office and moved to a space in Needham, Ma. Note: I didn't work in Needham and have no photos of Needham, so we'll have to skip that chapter and mosey along to pics of the first Boston office.

WordStream Federal St. Office

Even though WordStream had funding, it's not fiscally prudent to go out and blow your seed money on fancy digs. Not right away anyway. So WordStream moved into an affordable, modest, "lived-in" space in the Financial District of Boston. Here's a glimpse of what WordStream Federal St. looked like.

We made sure to save all our empty boxes. Being a startup, you never know when you'll be living out of one.

Those aren't exposed, decaying, leaky pipes above your head. That's "architectural flair," kids.

Quick! There's an emergency. The elevator will take us to safety. Uh, maybe not.

At Federal St., we were great at drinking soda. Not so great at cleaning up after ourselves.

And no one embodied that better than Tom Demers. Note the bottle of Tums and the pain meds that compliment a day's worth of soda at Tom's workstation. That right there is your recipe for search marketing success, folks. And yes, that's one day's worth of soda for Tom. He drinks 12 cans per day, no joke. All of Boston is shocked and concerned.

Foul, stinky DNA-stained carpets were just part of the charm over at our Federal St office.

Heck, even the employees didn't want to be seen working there. Don't worry, Ryan...your secret it safe with me.

BTW, if it looks like these pics were taken at night, they weren't. They were taken at 9:30 a.m. This is as light as it got in our dreary little office space. But contrast that to our gleaming, magnificent new offices on Huntington Ave. We've risen from the darkness and into the light; a true transformation literally and metaphorically.

WordStream's New Back Bay Office

Last week, we moved into our new space on Huntington Ave and it's pretty sweet. The place is so swanky and views so spectacular I even brought my kids up to see my office, something I never did at the Federal St. building for fear they'd be carried off by cockroaches.

That's us on the 16th floor.

Like I said, the views are spectacular, inspirational even. I can see Fenway Park from my perch.

Here's a bird's-eye-view of the Christian Science Plaza from our office.

WordStream Offices

Check out the inside of our Back Bay office: plush, luxurious and no black mold!

Our kitchen is immaculate, but give it time. Soon it will look like a can recycling center again. With the amount of diet soda we drink, it's inevitable.

The view from CEO Rob Adler's side of the office is pretty nice too. This is the rooftop pool at the Greenhouse Apartments, which I hear is a favorite sunbathing destination for hot models, if you're into that sort of thing...

And look: four elevators that all work. Imagine that!

So that's a quick look at our new digs in Boston's Back Bay. Sorry there's only one instance of an actual WordStream employee in the pictures. Each time I tried to take a candid shot of someone from WordStream, they threatened me with violence or they ran and hid in their cubes. Search marketers aren't exactly renowned for being an extroverted, photogenic bunch. Anyway, we're pretty proud of how far we've come in less than a year, and wanted to share our progress with everyone.

Ken Lyons

Ken Lyons

Ken Lyons is a cofounder and managing partner of Measured SEM.

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