Google "Triple SERP Listings" or Double Indented SERP Results on


Not sure if this is getting rolled out everywhere but Larry spotted this last night and we're seeing it in a lot of SERPs:

Double indented SERPS, as pictured.

Pretty interesting. Really I think it's just more emphasis on domain authority. Not unlike site links and the search within search bar, a triple listing allows Google to crowd the SERPs with the single destination they've deemed sufficiently authoritative.

The criteria for attaining a double listing had been that you would need to push both pages into the cluster of ten a searcher was viewing. I haven't done a lot of testing but I find it hard to believe this is still the case, given the frequency with which I'm seeing the triple listing.

What do you think? Is this an extension of the Brand/Vince update? Just a test? How aggresively are you seeing it in your SERPs (if at all)?

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Oct 27, 2009

I've been noticing this on some queries recently as well. I would guess it is not a test.

Nov 02, 2009

I've seen the triple for a few months now for "brand" or "domain" searches but not for many keyword searches. One of my domains which I've been trying to get site links for does have several triple listing but they only show up when the domain is literally typed as the search term or the domain name is used in a query. at el; lensroll upcoming

I checked a competitors site which has had "site links" for almost a year now but cannot get a triple listing for them

I haven't done further testing on this but I tend to lean towards your thought that it's just more emphasis on domain authority.

Tom Demers
Nov 02, 2009

@Greg: yeah Eric Schmidt has said they want to be able to give you the "one perfect answer" to your query so it makes sense that they'd test different means of emphasizing a single destination.
Thanks for the comment!

Franchise Guy
Dec 24, 2009

This week (December 2009) our main competitor suddenly has a triple listing just ahead of ours (ouch). I'm a bit worried what this will do to our clicks thrus... does anyone have any data?

Nov 02, 2015

Thank you so much...

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