Next-Generation Keyword Tools - Now Available Free


Today WordStream has launched two new, powerful, patented, and totally FREE keyword suggestion tools.

  • The Free Keyword Niche Finder – To use this tool, just enter a keyword and get back structured pockets of keyword suggestions ready to use in paid and organic search marketing campaigns.
  • The Free Keyword Grouper – Drop in a list of keywords or analytic data and this tool segments your keywords into tightly related semantic groupings.

I'd like to talk a little about why we created these tools and why I believe that the future of keyword research for both pay-per-click marketing and search engine optimization will involve thinking of keywords in terms of niches, rather than individual keywords.

What Is a Keyword Niche?

A keyword niche (or keyword grouping), as opposed to a single keyword, is a pocket or cluster of closely related keywords. They're much more valuable to you as a search marketer than a single keyword for a lot of reasons:

  • Long-Tail Keyword Awareness: Long-tail variations of a specific keyword idea will generally account for more traffic and conversions than just the main keyword. Incorporating these long-tail keyword variations into your SEO copy and PPC ads and landing pages helps you capture a larger and more conversion-friendly base of traffic.
  • Simplified Keyword Research: Bucketing together long-tail keyword variations will make your keyword research easier, similar to how using folders simplifies organizing files.
  • More Effective Campaigns: Organizing individual keywords into a taxonomy helps you create well-structured, high Quality Score PPC campaigns and more SEO optimized content and information architecture, which makes your site far more likely to be successful in driving organic search traffic.

Let's look at an example that illustrates the difference. If you run a search on "digital cameras" in our Free Keyword Tool (a straight-up keyword suggestion tool), you get back a very large keyword list, ordered by relative volume but otherwise unstructured:

Having tens of thousands of keywords to work with is awesome — but you've got your work cut out for you in terms of sifting through the data, looking for patterns and figuring out how to employ it.

The Free Keyword Niche Finder actually does a lot of that introductory work for you. Instead of just returning a list of single keywords, it gives you your results in the form of potentially profitable keyword niches, in just 2 seconds!

The tool shows you which groups of related keywords offer the most potential search traffic. As you can see, these groups are mostly going to revolve around brands and specific models within those brands. People are also looking for pricing information and camera reviews—these transaction-oriented keywords are far more targeted and will bring more qualified traffic than broad keyword phrases like "photography digital cameras" (which may be purely informational in nature).

The Free Keyword Grouper delivers similar results, but instead of starting with a single keyword, it takes your own list of keywords as input. For example, you can use:

  • Keywords from search query reports in AdWords.
  • Keyword report data from your Web analytics.
  • Keyword tool data from old-fashioned keyword suggestions tools.

Just drop in the research you've already done (up to 10,000 keywords) and the tool does all the grouping work for you!

What Do You Do with These Niches Once You've Found Them?

Once you've discovered these clusters of keywords relevant to your business, you can put them to work in your paid and organic search marketing campaigns. Here's how it works:

  • For PPC: These clusters translate nicely into a performance-ready PPC campaign structure. Each keyword group corresponds to a PPC ad group. Use the keywords in your ads and on your landing pages. Tightly related keyword groupings, coupled with relevant ad copy and landing pages are rewarded with high Quality Score, so well-structured campaigns lead to much higher returns on advertising spend.
  • For SEO: Keyword niches correspond to topic suggestions for Web content creation. When creating content for SEO, it's important that you theme the content of a Web pages around specific and narrow topics – making it far more likely that the content will rank organically for the specific keyword searches that you're targeting. The URL, <title> and <h1> of your content should include the most popular keywords within your keyword niche. Next, try to work the other longer-tail keyword variations into your page copy, anchor text, sub-headings, image captions, meta description and so on, so that the content will rank on a portfolio of long-tail terms rather than just an individual keyword. Additionally, it's critical that you leverage the keyword niche structure in your site's layout (or information architecture). By siloing your content into categories and sub-categories, your content will be easier to find and navigate for both users and search engines.

Here's a quick video demo of the Free Keyword Niche Finder:

And here's a tutorial that covers the Free Keyword Grouper:

Or just go try them yourself now!

What's Next?

Finding profitable keywords niches is just one element of Keyword Management. Learn how to take your PPC and SEO campaigns to the next level by adopting a continuous, structured approach to keyword discovery, analysis, grouping, organization, and taking action on your keyword research! Sign up for a free trial of our premium keyword management solutions.

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Dec 16, 2009

This is a great post thank you.

Larry Kim
Dec 17, 2009

John - thanks for your interest in our blog.

Dec 16, 2009


I'm an aspiring SEM with a well rounded background in PPC, dash of SEO, quant skills, and 35 years of seeing different interfaces. I'm not a full time SEO.

But here's my opinion...

The Free Keyword Niche Finder is of immediate use. In previous PPC campaigns that I developed I wish I had used your new Niche Finder tool. It would have helped. Even though the tool only shows 10 niches the keyword phrases within those 10 niches could be in the hundreds. Since it produces niches or groups of phrases, it does suggest separate Google ad groups and different landing pages to optimize results.

I had hopes that the Free Keyword Grouper would be of equal immediate use. I took a few hundred keywords from an old campaign that had converted into sales, pasted them into the tool, and waited for the results. Rather than take a few hundred keywords and group them logically, it seemed to multiply the word groups into even more variations. A few hundred keywords became a thousand or so groups as I recall. I was expecting a simplification not an amplification (oh well).

I registered and signed on to have the results emailed to me. I expected the full results but only received the ten niches in CSV format in a zipped file. This was a small disappointment. Perhaps in the "email button" you might tell people that they are receiving only 10 niches.

If someone buys your product will the free tools become paid tools where you can receive the full results?

The Free Keyword Niche Finder is of immediate use even in its 10 limit format. For now, the Free Keyword Grouper is not of immediate use or help. The Keyword Niche Finder is of immediate interest while the Keyword Grouper left me a bit puzzled on its value. Knowing you folks, I can only imagine that both tools work very well if all the results are seen.

This is honest feedback Larry. Don't feel obliged to publish this as a comment. I didn't have your email so I used this method.

Anyone who appreciates SEM, SEO, and PPC will appreciate your two new free tools and the effort that went into their production. I know I do.

Larry Kim
Dec 17, 2009

Hi richard - thanks so much for such detailed product feedback! Regarding the Keyword Grouper tool - I'm concerned that you may have encountered a bug when using it, if the results you saw didn't make any sense to you (this is certainly not the desired output!)
Do you think you could send me the keyword list you were using so that i can conduct an investigation? my email address is lkim at wordstream dot com. I'm hopeful we can resolve the problem.

Dec 17, 2009

Thanks Larry. The free Keyword Grouper tool works great now.

Initially my 120 keywords generated 1800 to 3500 more logical groups.

After sending my keywords to Larry personally, he had someone test my keywords and correct a bug or two in the Keyword Grouper tool.

Now the Keyword Grouper tool works just as I thought it might. My 120 keywords were logically divided into 28 groups instead of over a thousand. Problem solved.

Folks, I'm not even a customer, yet. And Larry Kim and WordStream stand by the operational integrity of their free tools. It stands to reason they will be just as diligent in their support of products purchased at WordStream.

Thanks Larry. Thanks WordStream.

Dec 17, 2009

The grouping tool is the same as iSpionage's grouping feature in their keyword tool, very useful indeed..

Larry Kim
Dec 18, 2009

I think there's an important difference that makes wordstream's keyword niche finder and grouping tools far more powerful - we actually find the groups for you! by applying patented, advanced search query analysis / semantic analysis / mappings / statistical analysis (etc.) we're able to suggest the best possible keyword niches for you to review.

Dr. Dave Hale
Dec 17, 2009

I echo the other comments. Very useful tools and services. I also conducted KW searches on other tools and basically came up with the same information. I like yours better as it is very understandable and easier to use.

Dr. Dave Hale
The Internet Marketing Professor

Larry Kim
Dec 17, 2009

Hi Dave - we did a ton of product usibility testing on this in the last few weeks, trying to make the tool as fast, easy and intuitive as possible. Thank you so much for this nice note.

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Randy Waters
Feb 26, 2010

great, i haven't awared about it yet.
and what can you say about other tools? semrush e.c., for me it's great.

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