Friday Roundup: WordStream's New Keyword Grouping Tools

August 26, 2016

Well well well, if it isn't Friday once again. Since next Friday is Christmas, and the following is New Year's Day, this is my last Friday roundup of the year (and decade!). And I'd like to use it to say THANK YOU to everyone who helped us spread the word about our new free tools, the Keyword Niche Finder and the Free Keyword Grouper.

Here's a roundup of all the coverage around the Web:

  • On Search Engine People, Terry Van Horne talks about getting back to the "roots of SEO" with keyword research, calling the Keyword Niche Finder "simply one of the best tools I've seen for quite some time."
  • On PPC-Advice, Garry Przyklenk did a great write-up of these new "smart" tools: "The long tail is highly difficult to optimize, especially in SEO because, as the name suggests, the long tail is extremely looooooooooooooooooooooooooong. On any given site, you might have to sift through hundreds and hundreds of phrases in your web analytics software in order to manually identify groups of similar terms that actually convert. Not anymore. Enter the Keyword Niche Finder from WordStream. Finding those profitable keyword niches just got easier."
  • A review on Cruiter Talk says the Free Keyword Niche Finder "might prove to be one of the best free tools on the market. […] Both tools are fast—faster even than some basic keyword tools and certainly way faster than grouping keywords by hand."
  • A review on SEO Wizardry says "Well finally new keyword research tools which actually offers something new and expands on the current offerings." They call it "not quite the ultimate keyword research tool, but close" and praise the organization abilities: "Regardless of whether you're using keyword tools, or completing Keyword Research tasks manually, without effective organization the lists created of are little use. I have for quite some time been promoting the development of keyword lists which are categorized into Main and Sub Groupings and building both Organic and Paid Search Campaigns around these keyword groupings, this is something these tools do exceptionally well."
  • Ditio.net called the tools "quite smart and effective … Seems, to me, like the best way to choose your keywords."
  • Sarah Worsham (Sazbean) reviewed the tools and wrote that the "Keyword Grouper & Keyword Niche Finder used together with the Free Keyword Tool provide a very nice suite of free keyword tools."
  • On Web Analytics World, Manoj Jasra says the tools help marketers achieve an "advanced level of keyword organization," which is "critical for creating effective ad groups for PPC campaign advertising and for informing content creation and site navigation for SEO."
  • Chris Rand of Business Marketing Online explains how keyword grouping is important for both PPC and natural SEO and says "A couple of intriguing new keyword tools from Wordstream are worth a play if you're exploring this."
  • On Blogging Tips, Kevin Muldoon explains how the tools can help search-conscious bloggers. He writes that the Keyword Niche Finder "shows you dozens of keywords and phrases for a specified keyword and highlights the search volume for each phrase. If you are writing some blog posts in order to increase your blogs search engine presence then you should find this particularly helpful." And of the Free Keyword Grouper, Kevin says: "I think this is a great tool. It isn't always clear what phrases you should be targeting so by inputting several in your niche you will be able to see the keyword variations which are searched the most."
  • Lee Odden at AllBusiness included the Free Keyword Niche Finder in his list of five free tools for SMB PPC campaigns, writing that it "does some of the grunt work for you in terms of creating tightly related keyword groups (which will become your PPC ad groups)."
  • Bryan Eisenberg mentioned us in his ClickZ post on conversion testing: "If your ad groups have loads of keywords in there, WordStream just released a holiday present for you. Take a list of up to 10,000 keywords and they'll group them for you using their free keyword grouper tool."
  • Search Engine Land columnist Josh Dreller wrote an article about how to group your keywords in which he says: "Once you’re gone through the process of segmenting by message, management, and Quality Score, then you still have the chore of segmenting by branded terms, top of funnel/bottom of funnel terms, where in the buying cycle they seem, competitor terms, product terms, etc. It’s a huge ordeal. Luckily, there’s help. WordStream is a tool specifically designed to help search marketers segment their keywords. This week they released two free tools that utilize their grouping technology."
  • Nathania Johnson reviewed the tools for Search Engine Watch, noting that "Both tools work extremely fast and are quite decent for being free"—great news "if you're on a super-tight budget."
  • The 5 Star Affiliate Programs blog points out that these tools are great additions to your "affiliate marketing toolbox."
  • Joe Ryder, the eBusiness Coach for the Little Guy writes: I am very impressed with the free tools at WordStream for keyword management. There are a lot of tools, especially with Google, that are vague unless you have an AdWords account. For those who stick to organic search and link-building for page rank, it makes it tough. But tools like the Free Keyword Tool, the Free Keyword Niche Finder and the Free Keyword Grouper gives small businesses and do-it-yourself marketers some good basic structure for keyword campaigns.
  • And Todd Mintz of SEM PDX (the home of Portland's Search Marketing Community) proclaims: WordStream is not Just another Keyword Tool! (find out why!)

Other blogs and sites that announced the new tools include BizReport, Dev Basu, The Domains, Marketing Infowrangler, Marketing Jive, Roundpeg, SEO Adviser, Business Marketing Online, Web Strategy Workshop, and WebSite Magazine. 


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