Announcing WordStream's Affiliate Program: PPC and SEO Affiliate Program Launches

April 17, 2019


WordStream announces the launch of the WordStream affiliate program.

Today we're announcing that we're launching a brand new affiliate program that will allow other Web publishers to promote our products - and get paid for it!

This is a first-run, "beta" version of our affiliate program so we're welcoming feedback. In attempting to make the program a success for affiliates, their audiences, and of course for WordStream, we've created two types of pay outs for affiliates:

  • Pay-Per Lead for PPC - We have a keyword management solution for pay-per click advertising on search engine platforms such as Google AdWords. This product has it's own pricing and we offer a free trial and frequently have potential customers request a live demonstration of the product. As such, we've decided to pay for leads people drive to this product.
  • Pay-Per Sale for SEO - We also have a lower priced product that is more focused at providing value for organic search, which we also make available via online billing (credit card payment). For this product, we're offering affiliates who drive subscriptions that last at least 90 days a one-time payout of roughly 25% of the 90 day subscription.

We've tried to design the payout structure so that affiliates who drive a significant volume of quality leads and customers for WordStream will get a rich commission, and of course we want to make sure we get quality, satisfied WordStream customers.

We've also created some banners and Email text for use by affiliates, which we're making available through the affiliate interface. At the moment we're using in-house software to manage the program.

We're excited to see the early results of the program, and we think that the combination of our products, our support, and the payout system we've set up will make for a very lucrative opportunity for everybody involved.

If you'd like more information please take a look at the Official WordStream Affiliate Program Signup Page, and if you have questions, comments, or early feedback on the program please feel free to shoot us a note or drop a comment below.

Tom Demers

Tom Demers

Tom Demers is Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Measured SEM and Cornerstone Content.

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