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Small business marketing

If you own a small business, you confront a unique set of Internet marketing challenges to  create a innovative small business marketing plan. You may not have a large marketing budget, a substantial marketing staff, or expansive knowledge of the industry’s best practices. Luckily, there are blogs out there focused on helping small business owners advertise their product or service online.

Here’s a list of our top 12 small business marketing blogs:
  1. Small Business Mavericks
Internet marketing strategist Caroline Melberg updates her blog daily with concise small business marketing tips and commentary. Her latest posts deal with Yahoo Search’s viability, the importance of testing one’s Web pages with every browser, and whether Facebook should add a blogging feature.
  1. The Marketing Spot
Marketing consultant Jay Ehret offers a comprehensive look at how small businesses online marketing can succeed in a competitive online world. In recent posts he advises small businesses to choose a logo and use it across online platforms, be careful about offering website visitors too many choices, and make it easier for customers to buy from them.
  1. Small Business Search Marketing
Online marketer Matt McGee must be doing something right with his blog, with nearly 5,000 Twitter followers. Posts are easy to read with screenshots, lists, and infographics. New blog topics address the ideal length of a blog post, the increase in one-word searches in 2009, and tools to help businesses choose the right category in Google’s local listings.
  1. Search Engine Guide
This blog contains posts about a variety of small business marketing topics from an assortment of marketing professionals. Subjects include using Google Alerts with a word cloud tool for keyword research, the five different search engine marketing models, and search engine-friendly URLs.
  1. Duct Tape Marketing
Marketing coach John Jantsch regularly gets over 100 tweets for his blog posts, which address the latest small business-related marketing happenings. Recent posts deal with Microsoft Office 2010’s social media features, steps to successful Facebook advertising, and the benefits of Google’s Wonder Wheel.

Marketing ideas blog
  1. Charlie Cook’s Marketing for Success Blog
Small business marketing guru Charlie Cook complements his own posts with posts from contributing writers. While you can’t read the full posts without supplying an email address, registration is worth it. Some of his latest posts explore how to motivate a discouraged sales team, how to write a killer headline, and how to double media placements.
  1. VerticalResponse Marketing Blog
Marketer Janine Popick’s blog focuses on small business email marketing. New posts include promotion ideas for tax day April 15, ways businesses can use e-cards, and steps small businesses can take to help employees use social media. Those steps include passing along free webinars and white pages about social media, naming an employee in charge of social media, and avoiding blocking social media sites.
  1. Small Business Trends
Small Business Trends is an online publication with posts from awide range of small business marketing experts. In one recent post Lisa Barone describes the different types of Twitter accounts one can create; in another Anita Campbell mentions a free upcoming webinar about improving profitability; and in another Janet Meiners Thaeler discusses how a musician made over $18,000 in five days with social media.
  1. Small Biz Survival
Small-town entrepreneur Becky McCray's blog offers marketing advice for small and rural businesses. New posts discuss a recent social media conference for small businesses in Kansas, how the U.S. Census can help businesses with their marketing efforts, and four ways to beat bigger competitors.
  1. (Marketing and advertising section)’s marketing and advertising section contains blog posts about different aspects of small business marketing. Recently bloggers have examined the importance of mixing social media tools with human interaction, how the right offering is more important than advertising, and how email marketing can turn a snow day into a productive day.

Marketing tips small business
  1. Web Marketing Strategies for Small Business
Rich Brooks, an Internet marketer and Web designer, mixes content about these two areas of running a small business. He gives tips on how to keep people from unsubscribing from email newsletters, discusses website concepts and designs he finds interesting, and explains why he thinks blogs are a better Web marketing tool than Twitter or Facebook.
  1. Small Business Brief

This blog is a roundup of the latest small business marketing news and articles. It’s not uncommon for around 10 posts to be made each day. Recent topics addressed include how narrowly one should geo-target for local PPC advertising, why a GigaOM Network writer doesn’t like Google Buzz, and the top 10 ways to drive traffic to your blog using LinkedIn.

  1. Awareness Inc, Social Media Marketing Blogs

This social media blog features a handful of writers interviewing, giving tips, reviews, and best practice insight. This blog is a must for people looking to follow social media news without having the scrape the internet daily. Recent articles include: 4 Steps to Measuring Social Engagement and Top Social Media Investments for B2B Companies.

By reading these Top Small Business Marketing Blogs, you'll quickly learn how to implement your own Small Business Marketing Strategy!

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Mark Clayson
Mar 01, 2010

Thanks for your sharing good information here. It is so great. I will come back and see how it goes on.

Jay Ehret
Mar 01, 2010

Great list, many of my favorites on here. I'm honored to have The Marketing Spot included!

Lori Richardson
Mar 01, 2010

Thanks for including in the mix - some of us have been blogging there for 4 years so it is always great to get recognition. (many good articles there - and of course I love the sales section best, but I am biased!)

I also recommend your Keyword Tool to lots of folks - it is very helpful.

Robert Clough
Mar 01, 2010

Thank you very much for including Small Business Brief!

Jenna Jantsch
Mar 01, 2010

Thanks for thinking of VerticalResponse - it's a great list!

Mar 02, 2010

Thanks Christine.

Allow me to add my thanks for your article. 53 tweets for your article is a compliment in itself. In recent memory, only the WordStream blog about the NY Times link had more tweets at 127.

I investigated every single Small Business blog mentioned. I knew some of the blogs, learned a bunch from them already, and have bookmarked seven of them in my account. Thank goodness for portable bookmarks.

Thanks again for the good work.

A question: Does WordStream have a similar list of favorite blogs that discuss non-profit marketing? I'd love to see that list.

John Joyce
Mar 02, 2010

All great resources and might I selfishly add The Small BizNest -


- John

SearchCap: The Day In Search, March 2, 2010
Mar 02, 2010

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Marketing Advertising
Mar 04, 2010

Marketing is no longer a part of the organization but know every one admits that and follow that marketing is not a part of the function but it the part of the BUSINESS STRATEGY.
without a deep analysis of the market no business can succeed in this competitive age.
And blogging gives an opportunity to interact with you customer directly and make changes in your strategy according to the demand.Its the perfect media to cater your target market.

Business Insurance
Mar 16, 2010

Thanks for this post. Your ideas are very forward thinking and timely all at once, given the change in our economy and the fact that marketing dollars are more scarce and that consumers are changing their behaviors.
Thanks again.

Business Marketing | Mozilist
Apr 17, 2010

[...] The Best Small <b>Business</b> (SMB) <b>Marketing</b> Blogs | WordStream [...]

email hosting services
Apr 27, 2010

With training budgets for small businesses tight just putting time asside to learn from blogs is a great way to expand your knowledge. Training courses are expensive but reading a blog is almost free. Thanks for the good resource.

Business Marketing | Mozilist
May 09, 2010

[...] The Best Small <b>Business</b> (SMB) <b>Marketing</b> Blogs | WordStream [...]

Marketing Advertising
May 19, 2010

Marketing give the business a magic of attracting the customer towards its unique product or services, through which the business generates at the end of the process.
Now Companies spends less in the advertisement will a really hard competition in the up coming future.
Because is all about the positioning of your products & services in the mind of the customers.

Christopher Jennings
Jul 12, 2010

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