Ontolo's Link Building Toolset: An Up-Close Demo

August 17, 2016

Today Garrett and Ben over at Ontolo launched their Link Building Toolset to the world. We got a chance to catch up with them and get a sense of what their tool does and how it's different from the industry standard for backlink prospecting: competitor backlinks.

Note: To thank early adopters during the launch of their new Link Building Toolset, Ontolo is offering a 25% discount that ends today (4/27/2010) at 9 p.m. PST. They've let us know that they will never offering this service at this low of a price again, and that the pricing is good through all future upgrades, price changes, etc.

First off, here's what it does, in their words: "We start with your targeted SEO Keywords. Using these we deliver, each and every week, new link prospects to you that have been crawled and analyzed by over 100 key factors for assessing the quality and relevance of a link prospect. Often, over 50,000 new link prospects will be analyzed for you each month."

1) Analyze hundreds of thousands of link prospects, quickly

The flagship tool in the toolset is the Advanced Link Prospecting Application. This screencap shows the interface you use to search your custom data set of link prospects. You can either search your link prospect data set by keywords in the title or body text, or by "page types" such as blogs, news sites, directories, etcetera. Further, you can sort your prospects based on Ontolo's Relevance, Value and Potentiality scoring.

2) Reduce time spent prospecting and qualifying

So if you're working in the "outdoor adventure" space and you have a subject matter expert on hand who also happens to be a writer, you might consider doing some guest posting. Find them quickly and qualify them easily by querying your data set:

Hit the search bar and the Link Building Toolset delivers your prospect list:

3) Increased link acquisition conversion rates

By aligning your site's linkable assets - in this case an "outdoors adventure" subject matter expert - with queries that discover guest posting opportunities, you quickly and easily discover the most relevant and valuable opportunities in your keyword space. Simply run down the list of prospects and contact those who meet your criteria.

4) How the Link Building Toolset differs

The Ontolo Link Building Toolset finds link prospects much differently than services like MajesticSEO and LinkScape. Here's what Ben said about the differentiation: "Most link prospecting tools focus on competitor backlinks as the sole source of link prospects. These are VERY important sources, but don't give you the full picture. Further, our keyword-searchable interface makes us VERY easy and quick to use for creating actionable lists of link prospects."

Ken Lyons

Ken Lyons

Ken Lyons is a cofounder and managing partner of Measured SEM.

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