Monthly Blog Roundup: WordStream's June Highlights



It's officially summer now, and I'm guessing a lot of you are either on vacation on planning to go on vacation very soon (in which case, you're probably not reading this; why am I even talking to you?). I'm hitting the road (or sky, as it were) myself tomorrow for a long weekend outside Asheville, NC. I've never been to Asheville—they have fireworks there, right?

Happy Independence Day to our American readers! (And happy regular Wednesday to everyone else.) If you are working this week, why not check out our top 10 most popular blog posts from June?

  1. Lessons from a Search Startup: Our Journey Through Two Rounds of VC Funding: CEO Rob Adler made a rare appearance on the blog to share valuable insights about the process of securing venture capital funding in the search marketing space.
  2. How to Find Your Quality Score on Google and Yahoo: Y'all love it when we get back to basics. Before you start worrying about improving your Quality Scores, here's how to find out what your scores are now.
  3. Announcing the World’s First Free Negative Keyword Tool: Larry explained why negative keywords are so important in this post announcing our newest free tool for PPC advertisers.
  4. My Take on the Mayday Update: Strengthen Your Niches or Land in the Ditches: Ken lays out his interpretation of the recent Mayday update as a "site-level, concept-driven update" that floats "tightly-themed, bread and butter content to the top of the SERPs."
  5. What Bros Icing Bros Can Teach Us About Marketing (And Humanity): I tried to learn something from the bizarre phenomenon known as "Bros Icing Bros." (Is it over yet?)
  6. How to Find and Fix Broken Links on Your Website: More great how-to content, this time on using tools like Google Analytics and Xenu to eliminate broken links from your site.
  7. Paid Links vs. Linkbait: What's the Better Value?: This guest post asserts that linkbait is a more cost-effective way to get quality links than buying them—the commenters didn't necessarily agree!
  8. How to Leverage $1000s in Engineering Costs to Turn Visitors Into Leads...for Free: Tom announced our new keyword tool widgets and walks you through the easy three-step process to set up our widgets on your own site.
  9. It's the Easiest Contest on the Planet! "Like" WordStream, Win Prizes!: If you missed it, we're running a Facebook contest with awesome prizes including an iPod and a mini netbook.
  10. Are Your Keywords Descriptive or Prescriptive?: Do you listen to your customers when it comes to keyword research? Or do you try to tell them how to speak, like an English teacher?

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