Recommended Resources: Dana Lookadoo

This week’s recommended resource is SEO consultant Dana Lookadoo. Dana recently started a new SEO consulting company called Yo! Yo! SEO. Her philosophy is that businesses should be engaging in online conversations (which she calls shouting “Yo!”) in addition to optimizing their content for search.

Social media is a key way to start these conversations, Dana says. Facebook, Twitter, and forums are all ways to get people talking about you, coming to your website, and buying your product or service.
Whether or not you decide to hire Dana as an SEO consultant, her online presence can help you improve your SEO efforts. Consider checking out:
  • Her archived blog posts about SEO. Before Dana started Yo! Yo! SEO, she wrote about SEO on her Pixel Position website. If you are looking for information about a particular SEO-related topic, you can either select that topic from the Categories drop-down menu, or enter keywords into the Search the archives field. Selecting the category “Conversational Marketing,” for example, leads to articles about branding and reputation management, a Twitter webinar, and how women are influencing talk on the web.
  • Her Twitter feeds. Dana updates @yoyoseo numerous times a day with links to valuable articles about SEO and her own SEO insights. Recently, for example, she tweeted that people should not use branding terms at the front of the <title> tag. Instead, they should use phrases directly related to the content on the page. Dana also sometimes tweets about SEO at her @lookadoo account.
  • Her StumbleUpon recommendations. Not only does Dana link to articles about SEO and related topics, but she reviews most of the resources. Last week, she wrote that a particular article about information architecture put a complex topic in layman’s terms. StumbleUpon indicates that Dana has recommended 892 pieces of content, and reviewed 616 of them. Her StumbleUpon username is PixelBella.
If you are looking for insights that aren’t necessarily SEO-related, consider visiting Dana’s personal blog. Recent posts discuss the idea that our society is dangerously distracted, her father’s untimely death, and how training to be a better cycler (cycling is one of Dana’s passions) is like working to improve your website’s search rankings.
If you still haven’t gotten enough of Dana, check out her “Optimized (and non-optimized) Snippets of Life” blog. It’s mostly random pictures she has taken.

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Gabriella Sannino
Jul 12, 2010

Excellent choice. I have known Dana's generosity & knowledge first hand. She is an inspiration, and a wonderful businesswoman. I am glad to see that she is getting the recognition she deserves. YO Dana :)

Email marketing service providers
Jul 12, 2010

Thanks for sharing the wonderful resources. Looking forward more good blog posting.

Dana Lookadoo
Jul 12, 2010

uh, oh, where do I start? Christine, thank you!!!! I'm rarely speechless, but this Monday morning, words are few. How gracious of you. I'm so very honored.

Now, this is the kick in the pants to get my new site live, especially since there is a link to the About page! LOL Confession: I have Cobbler's Shoeitis! Maybe it's because I'd rather spend time on other sites reading what so many people in this great industry have to share. WordStream is one of my favorite resources, along with Gabrilla Sannino's Gab, you motivate me more than you know!

Again, huge thanks!

Ken Lyons
Jul 12, 2010

Hey, Dana.
Long time no speak. I think SEOs as a group neglect their own sites. Oh, the irony. I'm the same way. I haven't updated my own sites in months.
Take care,

Dana Lookadoo
Jul 12, 2010

Thanks, Ken, for admitting to be a fellow Cobbler! :-) Amazingly, it hasn't stopped clients from calling. And they have shoes without holes, too! :-)

I really appreciate WordStream's support and encouragement BTW. I'm still shaking my head in amazement. Appreciated!

Christine Laubenstein
Jul 12, 2010

You're very welcome, Dana:-)! Keep up the good work!

Joseph Bushnell
Jul 13, 2010

Thanks for the connnection, I'll check out Dana's blog & connect on twitter too :-) Joey

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