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December 7, 2018

Seven Links

I heard about Problogger’s 7 link challenge via Lisa Barone of Outspoken Media. This challenge—to link to seven past blog posts that fit into seven categories—doesn’t set off my fear of heights or eating bugs, so I thought we should take a stab at it. As Lisa points out, this challenge can benefit “old and new readers” of our blog, by highlighting some of best posts from the archives that you may have missed. 

Without further ado, here are the seven (give or take) links:

Your first post: The first post on the WordStream blog, not counting the welcome announcement, was Larry’s “How to Achieve the Best Results for PPC & SEO,” a list of 10 best practices that formed the cornerstones (can you have 10 cornerstones?) of our product philosophy.

My own first post, on August 7, 2009, was “SMO Is the New SEO: The Rise of Social Media Optimization,” in which I argue that old-school linking is dying and social data is the new link. (Apparently the hot blog topics haven’t changed at all in a year.) The best thing about this post is the awesome bar graph I made in Snagit. Worth it.

A post you enjoyed writing the most: Ken's favorite to write was "We've Moved!"—chronicalling our relocation from a grimy temporary space in the Financial District to our beauteous Back Bay digs with (mostly) working elevators.

As for me, it’s a tie between the one about Bros Icing Bros and “Pimp Your PPC Ad: 5 Lessons from Lackluster Text Ads”—in which I gave some crappy PPC ads a free makeover.

A post which had a great discussion: Two spring to mind:

Rotating Ads vs. Optimizing Ads: Which Is Better?” – This guest post by Alan Mitchell had a lot of great comments weighing the pros and cons of each option.

Poll: Scott Brown to Win Massachusetts US Senate Race by a Landslide” – This post, in which Larry looked at social media data to predict the outcome of this table-turning race, brought in a veritable landslide of comments! (Most of them from crazy Republicans, no doubt. Ahem.) Also great: the comments on our Link Bait Case Study about the social media poll post (which scored some awesome links). Ken notes, "I like when a little controversy surfaces in the comments." Me too!

A post on someone else’s blog that you wish you’d written: I'm going to step outside the Internet marketing box for this one. I often wish I'd written the "Science Corner" posts on This Recording (a culture blog written by the young and fabulous) since it would give me a reason to keep up with the creepy bleeding edge of science.

A post with a title that you are proud of: Tom’s pick: “How to Get Do Follow Links from Wikipedia Articles in Four Simple Steps.” This admittedly misleading title is meant to grab attention, but it’s a totally white-hat approach to link building.

Ken had to go with the poetic magic of "The Google Local Yocal Scam: Suckering Local Businesses with Guaranteed First Page Listings."

A post that you wish more people had read: Tom wishes more people had taken advantage of “The Long Tail Keyword Optimization Guide”—now’s your chance! Ken's pick: The SEO Guide for College Websites, parts 1 and 2. (Mostly, he just wishes more people had linked to it.)

I wish more people had read “Blank vs. Blank, or, I Have an Idea for a Website,” since shortly afterward the idea was ripped off by at least two parties. (So maybe I wish less people had read it?)

Your most visited post ever: The blog’s most popular post ever is still “How to Find the Unfindable: 12 Ways to Find Anyone's Personal Email Address.” According to Ken, "People are inherently voyeuristic creeps." So when in doubt, be inappropriate.

What seven links would you share?

Elisa Gabbert

Elisa Gabbert

Elisa Gabbert is WordStream's Director of Content and SEO. Likes include wine, karaoke, poker, ping-pong, perfume, and poetry.

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