Google Graveyard: A History of Google Flops & Failures (INFOGRAPHIC)


On the heels of Google closing down Wave there have been some great articles on Google's past failures, and we thought it would be fun to do an infographic on the subject; click the image below to see the larger version, and please Digg/Stumble/etc. if you like it !

 Google Failures and Google Flops - A list of Google Mistakes


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Chad Summerhill
Aug 11, 2010

Very interesting! Thanks for sharing.

Tom Demers
Aug 11, 2010

Hey Chad,
No problem, thanks for stopping by!

Google’s graveyard as an Infographic
Aug 16, 2010

[...] we do now thanks to this infographic from WordStream we have an [...]

Chad Summerhill
Aug 18, 2010

Good job getting on CNN!

Elisa Gabbert
Aug 18, 2010

Thanks! It was a nice surprise!

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