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Influence Finder for Link BuildingInfluence Finder is one of the latest link profiling tools to hit the market. I would classify the Influence Finder software as a "link target tool," giving users the ability to "spy on" the backlink profile of a competitor or multiple competitors to discover link opportunities. Influence Finder also lets you evaluate your own site's link profile as well, to perform some self-assessment and find out who's linking to you and what's driving your site's SERP performance.

Where Does Influence Finder Get Its Link Data?

Influence Finder grabs all of its link data from the massive Majestic SEO API, so you know it's robust and accurate. But Influence Finder takes Majestic's link data a step further by re-crawling the Majestic link data and filtering out any dead links, so the data you're getting is as fresh as possible. As a side note, accuracy is key to performing effective link analysis. If you're only getting part of the data for your competitor's link profile then you're working at a big disadvantage. It's like only getting half a recipe and asked to try and reproduce the same cake.

How Is Influence Finder Different than Other Backlink Analysis Tools?

In addition to providing users with the Web's freshest link data, Influence Finder distinguishes itself from the rest of the link tool herd by offering a ton of awesome link filtering and link scoring features. The advanced link sorting, filtering and segmenting functions let you turn a massive link dump into a manageable, highly focused group of potential link prospects to target with your outreach efforts.

Take a look at some of these filtering options:

Influence Finder has a variety of advanced filtering options

And that's only one tab of link filters. The other three tabs above allow yo to get even more granular and specific with your refinement.

Here, for example, I took a list of more than 50,000 links that Influence Finder returned for a competitor's site I was analyzing and allowed me to segment the list by .gov links.

Once I had that list, I was able to drill down even further to find which individual pages on these .gov sites contained my target keywords specifically in the body of the page content.

That's some pretty powerful filtering capabilities and provides me with a very narrowly-focused list of potential link targets to build my outreach campaign around.

Final Thoughts on Influence Finder

Now, as I've said, there are at least a dozen link target tools on the market now, and many of those tools have rudimentary filtering capabilities. But none of them can drill down into a list and turn massive lists with thousands of links into an actionable list of link prospects is extremely time consuming, the way Influence Finder does. Not only that, but by recrawling the Majestic data you're getting the freshest link data possible. In sum, Influence Finder is about making the tedious task of qualifying link opportunties easier and more efficient, and about making you a more effective and informed link builder.

So if you're like me and you spend time reviewing dense lists of link data to prospect for outreach targets or link opportuntieis, then you should definitely take a look at Influence Finder.

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