Announcing WordStream's New Quality Score Management Tools

April 11, 2018

Since WordStream launched, we’ve talked a lot about Quality Score and created a number of Quality Score resources:

We believe campaign structure is a foundational element in building out profitable pay-per-click marketing campaigns, and we know that it’s a crucial component of Google’s ad auction.

And while many vendors focus on tools to help with bid management and multi-engine campaign management (both important components of paid search, of course), we think the Quality Score market is underserved from a technology standpoint. As a result, we’re announcing the release of a series of Quality Score Management Tools. We think these new tools are pretty slick and will help paid search marketers lower costs and generate more qualified traffic for their business.

What’s New with This Quality Score Tools Release?

Some of the cool features in this release include:

  • Ad Group Quality Score – We’re offering functionality that will help you sift through your account data, rolling up an Ad Group level Quality Score normalized by the number of impressions lower and higher Quality Score keywords receive.


Ad Group Quality Score
  • New AdWords Campaign Organization Tools – These grouping tools help you quickly create tighter, more organized Ad Groups, which will improve your paid search campaign structures.


Split Ad Groups
  • New Long-Tail PPC Keyword Expansion Tools – These keyword expansion tools provide thousands of long-tail keyword suggestions that are highly relevant, super-specific, incredibly profitable and uniquely tailored to your particular niche, product or service.


Keyword Expansion Tools

Why Should You Care?

What does this mean for end users? Three key things:

  1. Lower PPC advertising costs
  2. More clicks, better qualified traffic and more sales
  3. Even more exposure in the Google search results without ever raising your keyword bids

The idea behind the latest round of tools is to develop tighter integration between existing AdWords accounts and campaign construction best practices. For mature accounts that have the fundamentals right already, the tools let you expand and repeat your efforts in a fraction of the time it would take you outside of WordStream, and for newer advertisers and advertisers who have struggled with AdWords in the past, the toolset gives you access to the best practices that are helping veteran paid search practitioners create great campaign structure and improve their Quality Scores.

Some people who had early access to the tools have already had some nice things to say; you can check them out for yourself by having a look at a demo or trying them for free.

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Larry Kim

Larry Kim

Larry Kim is the founder of WordStream and CEO of MobileMonkey, a chatbot building platform.

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