The Ontolo Boys Make Link Building EASY with V2 Link Building Toolset

September 26, 2017

Ontolo Link Building Tools
The link building game changed today with the launch of Ontolo's V2 Link Building Toolset that, according to the Ontolo boys, makes link building "ridiculously easy." They dropped by our offices today (ok, via email) to answer some questions about how they're revolutionizing the link building tool space... These guys are on fire lately so it's a real treat to have them "on our blog" today.

BTW, we've reviewed their V1 launch and had the pleasure of interviewing Ben Wills and Garrett French before.

Ken: Guys, welcome back! Talk to me about how the Ontolo tool makes link building "ridiculously easy."

Ben: Thanks Ken! The Ontolo Link Building Toolset makes link building ridiculously easy in the following ways:

  1. We find and measure link prospects based on your SEO keywords as well as your targeted link opportunities like Guest Posts, Sponsored Links, .Gov and .Edu Links, etc... This makes your link prospects dramatically more useful than those sourced through competitor backlink profile analysis!
  2. We find and record contact information for each prospect URL, including contact pages, email addresses, Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  3. we provide almost 30 keyword-searchable link prospect reports and search forms that we designed to make it easy to identify your most relevant and valuable link prospects with the click of a button.

Ken: Nice! Can you give me an example of how to find sponsored link opportunities with the toolset?

Garrett: Glad you asked Ken... Interested parties can check out this quick vid for a walkthrough on finding donation opportunities with the toolset.

Ken: Man, that does look "ridiculously easy!" Okay, so tell me how you're different from other link building tools out there.

Garrett: Sure, so we have several core differentiations, the foremost being that we don't source link prospects from the competitor backlink graph. You get a custom database full of link prospects that are relevant to what's inherently linkable about your website and organization.

Ben: That's right, your link prospect database is customized and tailored to your link building campaign - you aren't sharing a link prospect database with every other SEO in the world and we aren't trying to download the entire internet for you... just the most relevant and valuable link prospects for you and your campaign.

Garrett: Second your link prospect database is keyword searchable and all results can be searched through 26 different filters. In addition we've got over 100 data points you can sort and compare prospects by. This makes it easy to find exactly the link prospects your campaign requires.

Ken: I'm sold. How do I sign up?

Ben: You should go and learn more about us before committing fully, Ken ;) Seriously though, we have some demo data sets up today. Go sign up for a free account at ontolo.com/user/register and head over to the free link building tools page. We also recommend checking out our demo vids - they will give you a better sense of how easy link building just got.

Ken: Gentlemen, its been a pleasure! Thanks for the quick tour of your tool. It looks awesome and I've already been banging away on it and have found some great link prospects for the WordStream blog in your SEO publisher demo set!

Garrett: Thanks Ken! We appreciate your time!

Ben: Thank you Ken.

ken lyons

Ken Lyons

Ken Lyons is a cofounder and managing partner of Measured SEM.

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