Is the Internet Hurting Our Environment? (Infographic)

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Bill Davis, Marketing Software Advisor
Dec 16, 2010

Thanks, Ken. I thought the presentation was appealing, simple to understand and enjoyable overall--even though it left me feeling more guilty about the number of searches I do. At least now I can multiply my searches by 3" to see how far I could have traveled.
The telecommuting stat was kind of a shock. I would rather be working at home than 'out there' but after looking at the Scam stats, it is no wonder people fear change. There is absolutely no trust anymore.
Actually it is posts like these that help nourish people back to trusting those that are trustworthy.
Ken, I look forward to visiting the site more often and hope to see more infographic presentations--love 'em.

Dec 28, 2010

I thought the funniest part was how 15000 searches equates to a cheeseburger. I estimate that I have used up a-couple-of-hundred-double-cheeseburgers in my life. Nice infographic.

Gustavo Jaramillo
Jan 12, 2011

Ken, First of all, since I am from South America I was kind of Shock to know that we have over 1000% internet population. I really thought that we were very low on that since We are third world countries. Any how, I really like the fact that people could get a job from home because of the advancement in technology and carbon emissions could be reduced by so much. Certainly, this is the first time I see: Infographics but I enjoyed it very much. (I might translate it in Spanish and posted in my blog) I will bookmark your site and keep on getting inform. Thanks.

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