A Better Campaign from Day 1: The Latest Evolution of WordStream

April 11, 2018

In search engine marketing, as in so many areas of business, time really is money, and that means wasted time is wasted money.

That's why it's so important to optimize your AdWords campaigns sooner rather than later, so you're not throwing away money on clicks that go nowhere. And going one better, if you can build a high-power PPC campaign starting on Day 1, you won't have to spend time fixing your mistakes.

We're committed to continuously evolving and improving our software, and we've devoted a lot of energy in the past few months to gathering feedback from clients and prospects, both on our software and their needs as busy search marketers. Today we're announcing a new release of WordStream for PPC that addresses many of the pain points we've heard from you. Along with some impressive new features, we're unveiling a whole new UI with dramatic improvements in usability and performance.

New AdWords Campaign Management Suite

Our new AdWords tools, the Campaign Builder and the Ad Group Builder, will make a huge difference in how quickly and easily advertisers can set up new PPC campaigns:

The Campaign Builder – The Campaign Builder walks you through a simple, five-step process to build a new AdWords campaign from scratch, helping you maximize relevance from the get-go.


AdWords Campaign Builder

The Campaign Builder helps you choose your campaign topic, relevant ad groups and keywords, and campaign and ad group settings.

The Ad Group Builder – The Ad Group Builder identifies key opportunities in your vertical, suggesting profitable new niches to target. You can de-duplicate keywords, adjust ad group settings, and copy or create new ad text all in the same wizard. (Later this week, we'll walk you through these new tools in a little more detail, so stay tuned for a deeper dive.)

Expand Your Campaigns with More and Better Keyword Research Tools

In addition to introducing these new AdWords wizards, we've consolidated all our keyword research and campaign management tools into one tab within WordStream for PPC. The new Tools tab also includes more ways to find keywords for your campaigns. Along with our traditional keyword suggestion tool, you can spy on competitor keywords, find related terms, group a keyword list into segments, and find negative keywords that are eating into your profits.


Keyword Research Tools

We're confident that the new, improved WordStream will make a major impact on your PPC efforts, with benefits like:

  • Faster, easier campaign creation – Advertisers can grow into new areas – and agencies can take on new clients – without a big outlay of time and effort.
  • No prerequisites – Leverage our trillion-keyword database to build relevant, profit-driving campaigns even if you're starting from nothing. You can also leverage real search queries from search query reports for personalized, data-driven campaigns.
  • Steady campaign expansion – Use our treasure trove of keyword research tools to get new keyword suggestions, competitive keywords and related keywords to grow and improve your campaigns, or group keywords from your analytics or an older list. You can even get negative keyword suggestions.
  • Increased profitability – WordStream identifies negative keyword candidates that are wasting your budget, and splits ad groups down into tighter, more relevant groupings when necessary. The software automates the more difficult, time-consuming parts of campaign optimization – so there's no reason to put it off and eat needless costs!

Google offers plenty of tools that help you spend more money – but WordStream's toolset helps you save money – and make more of it!

As always, WordStream is available to try FREE. Even if you've tried us before, we want you to see how much more intuitive the product has become. Sign up now to start a seven-day, full-featured free trial.

If you'd like to learn more about these new AdWords campaign tools first, you can request a demo – one of our AdWords experts will provide a free, live demonstration of the software. Click here to set up a convenient call time.

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Larry Kim

Larry Kim

Larry Kim is the founder of WordStream and CEO of MobileMonkey, a chatbot building platform.

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