mbzrxpgjys - Bing Copies Google - The Bing Sting - But Who Cares


The newswires are today reporting that Google is accusing Bing of copying their results.

In a ridiculously dorky plot, Google spent months developing a Bing sting operation. They created random words such as "mbzrxpgjys" or "hiybbprqag" that had no legitimate matches on Bing or Google searches. 

Google then it created its own "honeypot page" (yes, they actually called it a honey pot page! lol) with Research in Motion at the top of the page.

Within a couple of weeks Research in Motion began appearing at the top of Bing searches for mbzrxpgjys.

The following screenshot illustrates the search results for mbzrxpgjys on Bing and Google:


Stefan Weitz, director of the Bing search engine at Microsoft, admitted in an interview that the company studies how certain users interact with Google in order to improve Bing. It does this by looking at information that users of Microsoft's Internet Explorer or the Bing search toolbar voluntarily share with the company. But Mr. Weitz added such data is just one of more than 1,000 "signals" that Bing uses for its own search results algorithm.

But really, does anyone feel any sympathy towards Google?

Personally, I think the real story here is that the Bing search engine algorithm leverages over 1000 signals!

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Matt Chandler
Feb 04, 2011

Hi Larry, just been reading Matt Cutt's latest blog post on the subject, here: http://tinyurl.com/68j6c2j

Travis Petelle
Feb 13, 2011

It is hilarious Google went through the sting operation. Like your title suggests though, "who cares". Google is the dominant search engine by far. Even with Bing is copying results, they aren't offering anything better than Google...just equal or less than what Google offers.

As far as my internet business is concerned, I've never gotten very far just offering equal to or less than better content for my users.

I don't know many IMers that pay much attention to Bing changes, but they will change their entire business model when Google updates their algorithm.

Alex Maina
Jan 13, 2012

If you thought this was bad, then you should read what they have done to a company in Kenya. The company Mocality, has complained that Google is stealing its database.You can read more about it at http://blog.mocality.co.ke/2012/01/13/google-what-were-you-thinking Unimaginable but the CEO believes google stole data.

Apr 10, 2012

Wow ! is all this true ? This is very interesting ,i have always noticed similar results showing in my searches but i have never looked at it from that angle.

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