Five Great "Hidden" Link Building Resources


If you're a regular reader of link building content then you're likely no stranger to great link building companies like Buzzstream and Ontolo, and you probably know about a lot of the best link building blogs, but the reality is there is a lot of great link building content "hidden" within more general SEO and online marketing blogs.

Here are five great examples:

1. Ross Hudgens Link Building Posts

Ross has a lot of interesting link building tips (like building links with Google alerts) and some of the best (best here meaning "hardest hitting" and most effective at eliciting actionable advice) interviews on the subject of link building. He also writes in-depth on important and somewhat underdiscussed link building topics like evaluating directories and how to value a link in a way that you can gain specific, usable insights (or even develop a process).

2. Viper Chill's SEO Posts

Another blog that doesn't focus solely on link building but offers some excellent and unique tips is Viper Chill. Glen Allsopp offers a lot of interesting advice around link building within his blog's "SEO" category, including creative tips for using article submissions, and he puts out really in-depth guides on topics like guest blogging and (you guessed it) building backlinks. Again there is a lot of very detailed, actionable, and unique advice in these posts.

3. SEO Moz's Link Building Posts

It's certainly no secret that SEO Moz has a ton of great SEO content up on their blog, but if you're looking to jump right to the link building goodness you can check out their link building posts. One of the great things about the content here is that you get a lot of different takes and approaches as there are contributions from the Moz staff, their SEO agency partners Distilled, and YouMoz.

4. and 5. Search Engine Land's Link Week and Search Engine Journal's Link Building Posts

Similarly to SEO Moz, Search Engine Land and Search Engine Journal offer a variety of different voices on the topic of link building, including thought leaders such as Julie Joyce of Link Building Company Link Fish Media, Debra Mastaler, Eric Ward, Jennifer Van Iderstyne, Garrett French, and others. Having a mix of different perspectives from a variety of very smart link builders means you can get a lot of value and knolwedge out of one feed.

Also worth mentioning here for those of you looking for more link building resources: the folks at Vertical Measures (who author a great link building blog in their own right) put together an awesome list of link building resources worth checking out.

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Glen Allsopp
Mar 03, 2011

Thanks for the links, Tom!

I'm glad you like the posts :)

Mar 03, 2011

What are Google Alterts ;) SPELL CHECK! Otherwise, excellent post :)

Elisa Gabbert
Mar 03, 2011

Fixed :)

Ross Hudgens
Mar 03, 2011

Thanks for the mention here Tom - quite an honor! I'm also a proud contributor to SEL's Link Week as well - some great company there - and on this post as well, thanks for the resource!

Mar 04, 2011

Great post. Thanks for the links. Lots of good information here !

Richard Kraneis
Mar 04, 2011

Alice in Wonderland goes down the Rabbit Hole

Tom, as always, you provide a great article. But I'm struggling with link building.

I've found great resources on link building, but too many. I've printed out and read 50 page documents on link building. Only to fall further down the rabbit hole of link building.

This is all a bit confusing since I think I'm a bright guy. Give me weird data and I can wrestle it to the ground with a unique Excel spreadsheet. I've built the traffic for my website from 50 visitors to 1000 visitors a month in 11 months (brute force, 50 blog articles and thoughtful analysis of Google Analytics). But finding some basic beginner steps to link building has me baffled.

Can you recommend an ebook or an article that has concrete beginner steps for building backlinks? I need to feel productive in this area, soon.

Otherwise, I'm just tumbling down the rabbit hole.

Tom Demers
Mar 07, 2011

 Hey Richard, A lot of times these things are probably simplier than you're giving them credit for. Pick a technique that seems like it would be leveraged and powerful and try it, and track the results. Then another, and another. Pretty soon you'll have a pretty good feel for what works and what doesn't, and you'll be able to replicate the things that are effective. Also worth keeping in mind that a lot of what people talk about as "link building" is really just marketing your content - if you're cranking out a lot of posts some of the most powerful link building you can do might be to just identify thought leaders in that niche and start to build relationships with them. That'll help you build links over time and have the added benefit of helping you to generate additional referral traffic. If you're really looking for more specific "blueprints" around what to do at what stage of your sites' life SEO Book has a lot of good resources behind their pay wall (the training section is great and Aaron also has done some posts in the members only forum to the effect of "starting a site from scratch - how to pick a niche, what to do week one, week two, etc. etc." which are excellent particularly because he's launched a number of successful affiliate sites). Also Oli Gardner just had an awesome roadmap for really specific steps around creating a comprehensive inbound marketing plan, and in doing this legwork you'd definitely wind up with some excellent links: (Oli's company Unbounce is a great example of a SaaS company doing a really effective job at inbound marketing). Hope that's helpful! Tom

Richard Kraneis
Mar 08, 2011

Thanks Tom

Your advice is appreciated as always.

Years ago I self taught myself everything about computer software. Ancient software like WordPerfect 5.1 and Lotus 1-2-3 and then everything I needed to learn about MS-Office. Then I ended up teaching everything to 10,000 people in Chicago.

But what I've learned is that learning alone is time consuming, and ultimately inefficient. Even though I purchase more than my share of ebooks, learning complex concepts in isolation (like link building) is inefficient, and subject to a lot of errors.

That's why I keep visiting WordStream and the SEO Training Dojo. Thanks again for your training/learning ideas today, I will follow up on them.

Tom Demers
Mar 07, 2011

 @Glen and @Ross sure big fan of both your guys' stuff and find a lot of value there so thanks for sharing!

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Jason Acidre
Apr 16, 2011

Tom, Hardcore list, liked it! Though I don't think that the last 3 blogs on your list are hidden, since they are so popular :) Anyway, I personally follow Ross' blog, he's a great SEO. And might I share some blogs that I think offer hidden but exceptionally written link building resources like: - Jason

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John Davis
Aug 27, 2011

Great Tips of link building. Thanks for share

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