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Last Updated: August 2, 2021 | Marketing Ideas
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Since I got all the complaining out of my system yesterday, today I’m giving you nothing but links. Here are some of the most helpful and interesting blog posts I read this week:

DIYSEO offers 101 “easy, low-cost” SEO tips for time- and budget-strapped SMB marketers. This is a quick read and good overview of all the little basic things that small businesses should be doing on their websites and blogs.

Gareth Davies delivers 35 killer tips from SES London, including tips from Lee Odden on content marketing, Dave Naylor on SEO, Patrick Altolft on link building and Jim Boykin on SEO tools.

On Search Engine Watch, Kristi Hines says that Google’s “Panda Update” means we should kiss low-quality link building goodbye. She recommends content marketing as an alternative to “spammy backlinks.” Also on SEW, Jason Tabeling compares click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate depending on the number of words in a keyword phrase.

Google is running a new experiment that displays the word count of articles in the search results!

BoostCTR describes the power of finding exactly the right word for your advertisement: “Scandal, taboo, and vice always trigger fascination in readers,” and “Words with tightly focused connotations carry greater emotional voltage.” On the other hand, “The words ‘very,’ ‘greatly,’ and even ‘awesomely’ kind of suck, because they can be – and routinely are – thrown at all sorts of situations.”

Facebook is throwing its hat into the streaming movies ring, of all things. According to Forbes:

This is significant for the technology powerhouses already elbowing each other to dominate your living room, including Apple, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Kafka points out that while other video sites are trying to figure out how to add social “hooks” into their experience, Facebook doesn’t have that problem. “It is the social hook.”

Speaking of streaming movies, did you know Hollywood hates Netflix?

Mat Siltala shares some good tips for getting Yelp reviews after talking to one of the highest rated locksmiths in NYC: “Rule #1 If a customer finds you on Yelp, talk about Yelp!!!”

(Guide: Yelp Reviews for Small Businesses)

In a guest post on Ontolo, Kieran Flanagan describes how to create and promote linkable content with limited time.

Writer and editor Lindsey Donner wrote a great post called “This is What a Feminist Looks Like: My Story of Feminism and Call to Action.” Lindsey says she knows using “the word ‘feminist'” can be “alienating and professionally crippling,” so she treats this almost like a coming-out post. Bravo: Standing up for women’s rights is nothing to be ashamed of!

I’ll close with a link to the Red Cross for those who want to help the efforts in Japan. Read coverage of the earthquake and tsunami at the LA Times and NYT.


Have a safe and happy weekend.


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