Best of the Month: WordStream's April Highlights

September 11, 2017

April Showers

April is over, you've paid your taxes, and now you're waiting for your tax return. Oh, the miserable wait: What to do in the meantime??? How about catching up on our best blog posts from the month?

  1. Is the Internet Bad for the Environment?: In honor of Earth Day we published this infographic detailing what kind of damage we're doing with our Internet addictions, as well as how the Internet is good for the planet.
  2. Crayola Colored Bubbles: Reputation Management for a 1-Star Disaster: Worst product ever? Read some of the hilarious reviews for this mess of a product (literally) and learn what to do if this happens to your company.
  3. Understanding the Differences Between Google and Bing Match Types: This guest post by Bethany Bey from Hanapin Marketing explains the differences between the match type systems used by Google and Bing – they're more different than you think.
  4. Google Now Hiring Autocompleters for Google Suggest: The GOOG is up to his old tricks with another April Fools joke. I wonder if anyone applied?
  5. Using Educational Linkbait to Get Valuable .edu Links: This great guest post explains how any business can create educational resources to get high-value links from school websites.
  6. Re-Creating AdWords Campaign Performance Charts in Excel, Part 1: The Data: This is the first post in another in-depth series from our favorite AdWords & Excel whiz Chad Summerhill.
  7. Comparing Year-Over-Year Search Query Trends: Another post from Chad, this one explains how to analyze data range comparisons at the search query level (which you can't do in AdWords) using Excel.
  8. Giving Your Links a Boost with Tiered Link Building: Kieran Flanagan lays out a grayish hat methodology for giving your quality links a boost with social forum profiles, article spinning and other techniques.
  9. Announcing the New Keyword Research Suite: More Keywords, Exclusive Data, Actionable Results: A quick announcement on our latest product launch.
  10. PPC Bid Management Strategies: An Interview with Todd Wilkinson of WordWatch: I talked with Todd about bid management strategies, optimizing for clicks vs. conversions, how Quality Score fits into the big management picture and more.

Happy reading!

Image credit: "April Showers" by K. Kendall

Elisa Gabbert

Elisa Gabbert

Elisa Gabbert is WordStream's Director of Content and SEO. Likes include wine, karaoke, poker, ping-pong, perfume, and poetry.

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