Content Network Checklist: How to Get More Volume from Your Content Network Campaigns

September 11, 2017

As a PPC manager, your job is more about achieving objectives than just leveraging features and tactics (features and tactics are a means to an end). Towards this end we put together a three-part series in which we offered specifics tips on how to:

But what if you have a more specific objective? One common consideration for account managers is how to get “more leads,” but this is particularly true as it relates to leads from a campaign or channel that is very cost-effective. Often the content network falls into that category.

In this post, we’ll assume your content network campaigns, or a client’s, are launched and off to a great start, and you’re looking to audit a campaign to find opportunities to increase volume from the content network.

Are You Using Banner Ads?

As you initially build out a content network campaign, you’ll likely write ads, select targeting options (keywords and placements), etc., but many campaigns don’t have banner ads created.

A great way to get banner ads created quickly and cheaply is to use Google’s free display ad builder tool, or you can often have strong banners created by crowd-sourced design platforms such as 99 Designs.

Many sites and ad units only accept banner ad displays, so by creating banner ads you open your creative up to thousands and thousands of new impressions.

Are You Retargeting?

When you set up a campaign using keywords or placements, there may still be some impressions you’re leaving on the table. You may not have your ads matched to sites where your prospects are frequenting, as they don’t fit your keyword or managed placement parameters. You can expand your reach by targeting not only specific sites, but also specific visitors who have been to your site. This is a great guide on AdWords remarketing if you’re looking for advice on setting up a campaign.

Are You Using Ad Extensions?

Ad extensions won’t get you additional impressions, but they will get you an increase in clicks in many instances, and sometimes more calls as well. By including ad extensions in your ad copy, you can call additional attention to your ads and offer tools like your number to help them contact you easier. You can learn about ad extensions in Google’s online tutorial.

Are You Using Automatic or Managed Placements?

Any PPC Consultant can find more traffic on the content network by switching from managed to automatic placements. It’s important to note that automatic placements are a bit like broad match – you need to strategically use site exclusions if you’re rolling your campaigns out to any possible site, but if you’re seeing good results through managed placements and looking to increase volume, you can take a similar strategy to that of broad match with negative keywords and use automatic match with site exclusions.

Which Devices Are You Targeting?

Finally, have you turned off devices like mobile and tablet targeting? There may be a perfectly good reason for this, but in many campaigns these devices offer you a chance to get more volume for a similar ROI: test it and see if the volume is there, if you’re hungry for expansion opportunities.

What have we missed? What do you check and tweak when you’re looking to get more volume from your content network campaigns?

Tom Demers

Tom Demers

Tom Demers is Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Measured SEM and Cornerstone Content.

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