8 Quick & Dirty Tips for Landing Page Optimization

April 3, 2015

Based on my own experience building landing pages and a few landing page optimization (LPO) webinars and courses I’ve attended, I’ve put together some quick tips to optimize your landing pages for conversion. Because once you get a click you’ve got to get ‘em to convert, or the click is pretty worthless.

1. Limit the Number of Offers

Put one offer on your landing page – don’t make people choose from multiple offers. Every time you make a person choose you risk losing them.

2. Limit the Number of Links

Limit the number of links you put on your landing page – even try removing all the links leaving only the registration form. If you have multiple links on a landing page you risk taking a person off the landing page and losing them.

3. Keep the Registration Form on the Page

Whenever possible put the registration form on the landing page. The goal is the fewest clicks possible. Don’t make the prospect go to another page to fill out the registration form.

4. Test Form Fields

Test the types of fields you use on your registration form:

  • Simple text box (i.e. asking for name or email)
  • Select box or dropdown list
  • Open text area

A simple text box requires less work from your prospect than picking from a dropdown list of options. And a dropdown list is less work than answering a question by filling in an open text area – for example "describe your biggest challenge." The dropdown requires less time and less thinking.

5. Test Number of Questions on Your Form

Three form field questions on a registration form might be the optimal number. You may want start there and test adding additional form fields. 

6. Test the Call to Action on Your Button

Call to Action
Don’t use the word “submit” on your registration form button. Try words like “Click here” and “go.” The word “submit” has a negative connotation and other words can generate more from submissions.

7. Try Splitting the Form into Two Parts

On the first page ask for the email and note that this is step 1 of 2. On the next page ask for additional information – and be sure to carry over the email address from the first page. This allows you to re-market to the people who abandon the form on the second page.

You’ve already paid for the click at this point so do what you can to capture their email.

8. Save Time by Testing Multiple Changes at Once

I’ve you’ve got a lot of changes to try on your landing page, implement them all on your test page for your first test to see how much of a change you can get versus your existing landing page. You can always go back and test each individual element later – but that will take more time.

Disclaimer – none of these tips or ideas are set in stone. Every business is different, so it’s important to test any changes against your current landing page and registration form to see if they work for your audience.

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