3 Google Ads Remarketing Tips

February 20, 2019

Google AdWords remarketing (and really remarketing in general) is a hot trend in the world of pay-per-click marketing. Remarketing is basically a way of getting your message in front of people who have visited your site in the recent past – you’ve no doubt seen a site you recently visited “following you around” via advertisements.

Remarketing recaptures all those lost opportunities caused by distractions

And if you’re a paid search manager, you’ve likely set up a slew of remarketing campaigns in the last few months, many times at the specific request of the client, but there are still PPC advertisers who are either just getting their remarketing campaigns started or are still considering how much value there would be in a remarketing campaign.

In this post we’ll cover three important things to consider as you get your first remarketing campaigns up and running.

Are You Ready for Remarketing? Consider the Impact Your Campaign Will Have

Remarketing campaigns can be great, but the first thing you have to think about is the relative impact of a remarketing campaign. Does your site get a lot of traffic? If you’re not driving large numbers of visitors to your site, and you’re spending money inefficiently in other areas of your PPC campaigns to try to drive new visitors to your site, you might be better off prioritizing adjustments to your core campaigns first. Many times I see advertisers spend a lot of time and effort setting up a remarketing campaign only to see it fail to generate any traffic or spend, while they have campaigns they’re spending real money on that are far from optimized.

Choose the Right Offer for Remarketing

One of the most important considerations with a Google remarketing campaign is finding the right offer for this audience. Generally speaking, people who have already visited your site are “warmer,” so you might want to push this audience into a harder offer. Save your white papers and free downloads for the folks who are finding you on the display network and push these people further down your conversion funnel.

Choose the Right Creative for a Remarketing Campaign

Similarly, deciding on the right remarketing creative is a slightly different process from a traditional display campaign. You still want your ad to get noticed, but since this audience is already familiar with your offering, you can afford to lean more on familiarity than disruption for click-throughs. Think about the way your traffic is divided: Where are most people coming from? What pages on your site have they seen? Catch their eyes with similar but distinct imagery to what they’ve likely already seen, and drive them to a page and an offer that maps well with that creative.

Tom Demers

Tom Demers

Tom Demers is Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Measured SEM and Cornerstone Content.

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