Google Serves Up Super-Sized Organic Sitelinks in Organic SERPS

April 11, 2018

Google this week has been serving up huge sitelinks for branded searches. Take for example, this organic search for "WordStream" and look at the huge sitelinks (highlighted in yellow):


Wow what a Huge Google Sitelink!

I've seen searches with as few as 2 huge organic sitelinks, and listings with many as 12 huge organic sitelinks. The new super-sized mega sitelinks take up the entire page! 

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SEO Impact of Huge Sitelinks in Google Search Results

All other organic search listings are now pushed down significantly "below the fold". It's going to be very tough for an SEO to generate any traffic on branded keyword searchs. The new mega sitelink pushes the number 2 organic search result below the fold! And it's even worse when there are a few sponsored links above the organic search results. Take a look at this SERP:


Huge Google Sitelink  Plus ad Taking up the entire SERP

Notice how the big AdWords ad at the top further pushes down the organic search results. Very few people will click on the organic listings. This has got to be tough for the average SEO.

Online Reputation Management Issues a thing of the Past?

By crowding out the organic search results for branded searches, these huge sitelinks seem to solve a lot of the issues around Online Reputation Management. Say your company has a bad review occuping the #2 spot for a search on your company name. Now that negative review is much harder to see.

How to Customize your Huge Organic Sitelinks on Google

Google Webmaster Tools offers tools to remove sitelinks from being shown in your search results. (for example, say you don't like the site link that they picked) This is nothing new, but now that sitelinks are so huge it's even more worth the effort.

What do you think about Huge Site Links on Google?

I suspect we'll see an increase in AdWords marketing dollars on branded terms! (time to by Google stock?). Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Larry Kim

Larry Kim

Larry Kim is the founder of WordStream and CEO of MobileMonkey, a chatbot building platform.