EARTHQUAKE! Rare Tremors in Northeast Shake Up Twitter

August 22, 2016

So, I just moved into a new apartment in Denver. This weekend my other half and I went to the new IKEA out here and bought a bunch of bookshelves. He started building them on Monday and by Tuesday we were erecting them and loading them up with books. I noticed some extra parts he hadn’t used, and he said they were brackets to attach the shelves to the wall at the top.

“I don’t think we need to do that,” he said. “The shelves aren’t going to topple over.”

“Yeah,” I conceded, “they’re probably for people who live in earthquake zones.” I.e., not us.

About ten minutes later I saw this tweet in my stream from Trada's Elaine Ellis:

Colorado Earthquake

Yikes! Apparently on Monday night a 5.3 magnitude earthquake hit about nine miles from Trinidad, Colorado. Via the Denver Post (emphasis mine):

An unusual swarm of temblors in southern Colorado accompanied the state's strongest earthquake in more than 40 years, shaking bricks and stones loose from buildings and rattling some residents.

"The whole house shook, the bookshelves, the paintings," said Melissa Mestas, a barista at the What'a Grind Coffee House in Trinidad. "It was really scary and just this helpless feeling."

Double yikes! It wasn’t too long after that that I got an email from Larry in Boston with the subject line “earthquake” and the body “you just missed it!” Then Laura IM’ed me to say, “There was just an earthquake here. Seriously.” So at this point, I’m thinking some combination of:

  • Why do I miss all the good stuff? (I’ve never been in an earthquake.)
  • Earthquakes in Colorado and Boston? Is this the apocalypse or what?
  • Thank God I got out of there before the tsunami!
  • Maybe we should bracket those bookshelves after all …

The best thing about the quake was all the great tweets flowing in during the aftermath. Michael Gray got it right:

NY Quake

According to Twitter, the quakes triggered more activity than bin Laden’s death!

Tweets per second

The earthquake in Japan was obviously a much bigger deal than the puny Virginia quake, so much of the talk on Twitter was decidedly tinged with sarcasm. For example, this Posterous post was one of the most shared items:

DC Earthquake Devastation

Similarly, BuzzFeed shared “20 stunning photos” of the not-so-extensive damage caused by the earthquake, including images of toys toppled sideways on countertops.

West Coasters were especially quick to judge us for reacting at all.

Geology Hipster

But it’s not like they’re chill about everything:

A couple more gems from Tuesday’s tsunami of tweets:

Earthquake Elevator Gossip

Earthquake Humor

Finally, what’s up with pandas? Why are they so damn serene?! You’re going extinct, pandas! Look alive!

Giant Pandas

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Have a great weekend!

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Elisa Gabbert

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