5 Best Ways To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for SEO


Out of the box, LinkedIn is a pretty fantastic tool for anyone looking to promote their business or especially for anyone looking for a new job in these turbulent economic times. To really get the most from LinkedIn, you need to attract search engine traffic, and there are some minor tweaks you can make to your profile that will make all the difference in the level of search engine success you enjoy.

Here are my top 5 LinkedIn SEO tips:

1. Vanity URLS

When you first create your LinkedIn profile, you get a numeric profile name, which is fine for LinkedIn itself in terms of keeping track of you. For real human visitors and search engine spiders, this means absolutely nothing, and from a human point of view, a string of numbers can be very difficult to remember. You have the option of creating what's called a vanity URL within LinkedIn to change that numeric string to your own name. This is far more search engine friendly, not to mention user friendly and business card friendly.

2. Profile Keywords

You've written a great profile about yourself and really tried to promote yourself as effectively as possible in there. Now the search engines can crawl your profile and serve it up in relevant search results, thanks to the industry or niche related keywords that you included in your text. You did include these types of keywords in your profile description, right? It's okay: most people forget to do this step, but it's a critical step in optimizing your profile for search engines. All you need to do is sprinkle some keywords related to your business or your job function naturally in your profile text to help Google and Bing get a better angle on who you are and what you can do, and to enable searchers to find you. (Not sure what keywords to use? Try WordStream's keyword tool.)

3. DoFollow URLs

LinkedIn is one of the few social networking sites that actually allows you to include what are called DoFollow links as part of your profile. A DoFollow link is one that passes some search engine love (as in authority and link value) from the LinkedIn site to whatever sites you choose. As a matter of fact, you get to use three DoFollow links that can point to your company site, your blog or even your Twitter account, so make use of these - they're extremely valuable. Oh, and don't abuse this feature, otherwise you run the risk of LinkedIn making these links NoFollow which will ruin it for everyone.

4. Add Content

Google puts a lot of value in content that's shared on LinkedIn, so make the most of this by adding new content on a regular basis. Don't spam LinkedIn by adding a bunch of irrelevant content, but as news and information becomes available that's related to your job or your industry, then make sure to include it as part of your LinkedIn updates or blog.

5. Analyze

You can and should be tracking the traffic and keywords used to find your LinkedIn profile, and one way of doing this is using the Profile Stats Pro package, which gives you the ability to analyze that exact type of data. As of right now this service is only available to paid users of LinkedIn, but if you're serious about your LinkedIn SEO, then this is a small investment to make in your future.

Using just a few of these LinkedIn SEO  tips is enough to make a dramatic difference to how well your LinkedIn profile fares with the search engines. If you consistently use all 5 of these tips you're going to enjoy the type of search engine success with LinkedIn that other members can only dream about.


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Sep 27, 2011

I wouldn't put much value in the 'DoFollow' links in a Linked-In profile. The links are directed to Linked-In and then redirected to your website, via a 302 redirect. If it was a direct link or 301 redirect, it would have some value.

Elisa Gabbert
Sep 27, 2011

Thanks for pointing that out Anthony -- that's a bust.

Konrad Kafarski
Oct 20, 2011

I will update my LinkedIn right now.. I like this article a lot.  I agree with much of what you state here  and you have done a great job of writing it. 

diet moi
Oct 25, 2012

  I read it but I really still don't understand how to get follow links from Linkedin? Can you help me?

Saurabh Saha
Apr 18, 2013

Thanks for the tips. I really didn't know that LinkedIn provides Do-Follow Backlinks. And yeah, I am doing my best to get more and more connections. Hope these things will do help. :-)

Jun 18, 2013

Thanks for this nice tips, this is the first I got to know that LinkedIn really provides any do-follow backlink to our website. Will Implement this guide for sure!

Richards Photography
Sep 03, 2013

Thanks for the tip on vanity URLs. I had no idea I could change the string of numbers to my photography business name.Thank you for sharing this information.

Jeff Bickley
Sep 08, 2013

Thanks for the article, Loir. LinkedIn is an invaluable tool for personal branding & making great connections. The fact that they dofollow is huge. Links from a high PR site like this work wonders if you use them wisely.

Harman Singh
Sep 28, 2013

Thanks for sharing these tips. I am new to LinkedIn and will surely follow this. :)

Doug Ales
Oct 21, 2013

Thank you for the informative article.

Doug Ales
Oct 21, 2013

Thank you for the informative article.

Lovey Singh
Nov 20, 2013

Thank you for sharing this article . I was new to LinkedIn and this informative article helped me a lot .

Jan 13, 2014

thanks for this superb article i will follow it.

diet moi
Feb 26, 2014

Thank you for sharing this information

Mar 21, 2014

Thanks for sharing the article. I also received mail from Linkedin Premium Package. Will surely follow your tips. 

vinay kumar
Jul 25, 2014

Thanks for nice posting !  

vinay kumar
Jul 25, 2014

Nice Posting !

Himanshu Negi
Jul 25, 2014

Seems like the article is little old for tha tdofollow link information. As I can see my links but they don't actually are my blog links but they redirects to my blog. So, linkedin have taken action.

May 07, 2015

wonderful article!!!

sb game hacker
May 08, 2017

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Sep 07, 2015

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