Facebook Wall of Shame: Facebook's Failures, Criticisms and Missteps [Infographic]


Facebook DislikeA while back, we released The Google Graveyard, an infographic detailing Google's various flops and failures in the product department, including Google Wave and Google X.

Now, following up on the release of Facebook's iPad app last week (which most people have been less than impressed with), we've created a new infographic walking through some of Facebook's criticisms, missteps and failures since its inception in 2004.

Facebook boasts approximately 800 million active users worldwide and an estimated $4.27 billion in estimated annual revenue – but you don’t approach the 1-billion-users mark without making a few mistakes along the way, right? Facebook’s errors in judgment have included:

  • A slew of privacy snafus: Facebook repeatedly faces criticism for its user-unfriendly privacy policy and default settings that force daily overshares.
  • Constant, unwelcome UX changes: Another day, another Facebook update. The latest changes include a real-time ticker sidebar that turns your friends’ updates into a stream of spam.
  • Facebook Deals: Facebook’s attempt to compete with social deals companies like Groupon and LivingSocial was short-lived – in fact, this venture lasted just four months!
  • Facebook Lite: This was supposed to be a less bandwidth-hungry version of Facebook for use on slower networks, but the company killed it after eight months.
  • “Quit Facebook Day”: In June 2011, Facebook lost 6 million US users, the first time that figure has dropped since its inception. The addictive, mood-killing quality of Facebook along with privacy concerns have driven former fans to quit in droves.

Check out the full Facebook infographic here or click below to enlarge.

Facebook Infographic

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Dan Towne
Oct 17, 2011

I just quit Facebook for good not more than 10 minutes ago, then ran across this page via a posting by a commentor on USAToday.  Keep up the good work, Elisa! -Dan

Elisa Gabbert
Oct 18, 2011

Congrats on making the break!

Dwight Turner
Oct 20, 2011

Elisa,Clearly some hard work and research went into this (or you hold a scary grudge) and I commend you coming up with an excellent, timely peice about Facebook and some of their gaffes. I originally found this article after the infographic was shared on Mashable. Thanks for calling it like it is and pointing out what many users have been saying. It's kind of ironic that Facebook along with other platforms on social media are often credited with overturning governments and inciting revolutionary riots, yet they still seem to make some of the mistakes that failed governments and businesses do, in that they ignore the voice of the people who put them where they are. Now that I found you, I'll have to check back for more of these, thanks!

Elisa Gabbert
Oct 20, 2011

Thanks Dwight!

Steve Hill
Oct 20, 2011

Its funny to me how many people there are out there who complain about everything Facebook does, yet continue to use it. It makes me wonder if they'll ever actually quit the site. Social Media sites don't have a particularly good track record when it comes to long term relevance (neither did various models of airplanes when those were first invented) but it will be interesting to see where Facebook goes. Great infographic!

Elisa Gabbert
Oct 20, 2011

Thanks Steve! I've actually never been on Facebook so I can complain without hypocrisy. ;) I too am curious to see how long it lasts.

Anne Ashley
Oct 21, 2011

Great job, funny and historical relevance. There will always be a 'next' and kids mostly text back and forth. I am always amazed by the volume of complainers - on a free platform - that allows non-technical people to share things they otherwise couldn't. The article I read about the huge new eco-friendly server farm created to house Facebook also pointed to forethought and innovation. Its about the voyage.

Elisa Gabbert
Oct 21, 2011

Thanks, Anne!

Dec 01, 2015

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many companies worldwide don't obviously have a real YouTube method.

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