Best of the Month: WordStream's October Highlights

August 7, 2019

Happy Halloween to all the lovable weirdos and kids-at-heart out there who still celebrate this silly holiday. (Stupid hats? Buckets of candy? What’s not to love?)

And check out our top 10 greatest hits of the month – they’re SCARY AWESOME!

  1. Facebook Wall of Shame: Facebook's Failures, Criticisms and Missteps – There’s no doubt that Facebook, by and large, is a massive success story – but this infographic detailing the company’s various flubs and snafus was nevertheless our most popular post of the month by far.
  2. When Should You Pause Google AdWords Keywords? – Learn two reasons why you might want to pause a keyword in AdWords to halt any damage it’s doing to your account.
  3. SSL Encrypted Search: Google Deals Low Blow to SEOs – Last week Google restricted access to organic search query data from logged in users, citing privacy – but SEOs everywhere are asking “What’s privacy got to do with it?”
  4. 10 Tips for Creating Content on Facebook That Gets the Thumbs Up – Meg offers up some great tips for creating “like”-worthy content that won’t bore your followers to tears.
  5. The Problem with the Google AdWords Impression Share Report – Tom explains why budget-weighted impression share is a more reliable, valuable metric than standard impression share.
  6. Are Ads Really Just Answers? Google's Billion-Dollar Idea – Google has taken to telling us that “ads are just answers,” but considering how much money Google makes from ads, this rhetoric is a little hard to swallow.
  7. AdWords Experts Share the Secrets of Their PPC Success, Part 4 – Great tips on achieving AdWords ROI from David Semprun, who got a high score using the AdWords Performance Grader.
  8. Google Analytics Premium, Real-Time Google Analytics, & What it All Means for You – Google has rolled out improvements to their analytics package lately. Why? Because they want your data of course!
  9. Google AdWords Call Extensions: How & When to Use Call Extensions – A section of our Ultimate Guide to AdWords Ad Extensions.
  10. Google AdWords Reporting Guide: AdWords Dimensions Tab Tips & Tutorials – Learn how to make the most of the reports in the dimensions tab.
Elisa Gabbert

Elisa Gabbert

Elisa Gabbert is WordStream's Director of Content and SEO. Likes include wine, karaoke, poker, ping-pong, perfume, and poetry.

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