Google AdWords Settings: The Ultimate Guide to the AdWords Settings Tab


Over the past few months we’ve been walking through several areas within the AdWords interface in great depth. We started with Google AdWords Ad Extensions and most recently wrapped up a series of posts on Google AdWords Reporting with the Dimensions Tab

This will be the first in a series of posts about AdWords campaign settings:

AdWords Settings

As with each of these series, the main objective here is to help AdWords advertisers better navigate the increasingly confusing AdWords interface, and also to be able to help impart best practices for setting up your AdWords campaigns. If you can’t wait for the individual posts in the series and want a quick AdWords campaign audit as to whether you’re adhering to best practices within your AdWords campaign, WordStream has a free performance grader which will tell you if your campaign settings are suboptimal.

If you’re willing to wait, though, here is what we’ll cover in the coming weeks:

  • General – How should you name and organize your campaigns?
  • Locations and Languages – Best practices and more information about how the locations and language settings work within AdWords.
  • Networks and Devices – How to segment and focus your campaign by network and by device.
  • Bidding and Budget – What do the bidding and budget options mean, and when would you want to use the different settings available?
  • Ad Extensions – Check out our comprehensive guide to ad extensions for more information on when and how to use each option.
  • Advanced Settings – We’ll walk through each of the advanced settings available within the campaign settings tab.

In addition to the nuts and bolts of how and where to edit these campaign settings, each post will offer specific advice for which settings work best with which campaigns. If you have any specific questions or areas of interest regarding AdWords campaign settings (either how to change something or just general best practices) leave a comment and we’ll try to address your question in the series!

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Martin E
Dec 05, 2011

I'm looking forward to the rest of these posts (I've bookmarked this site, I'll be checking back regularly).I am currently studying for my AdWords certification, during my studies they went over using the Dimensions tab, which I've never used. The AdWords reporting keeps getting better and better.  

Dec 05, 2011

Is this post about what is coming in your blog? You should change your post title. Otherwise, it is misleading. I thought I was going to find the first part of your series at least. There is nothing valuable on this post. I usually find valuable information on your blog but today I'm disapointed.

Elisa Gabbert
Dec 05, 2011

Yesi, we'll be updating this post with links as we create each portion of the series/guide. Sorry to disappoint you!

Tom Demers
Dec 08, 2011

@Martin - Thanks! I wrote a guide to taking the certification exam a while back you might find helpful: - Sorry to mislead! As Elisa mentioned as each part of the series comes out we'll be updating this page, so at the end of the series it will contain links to several more in-depth sections. Sorry to dissapoint but I think if you "stay tuned" you'll get some useful information about AdWords settings/best practices!Tom

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