Adwords Voucher - 20 Google AdWords Vouchers worth $2000 in Total


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Ring in 2012 with these 20 AdWords vouchers to help your small business marketing efforts. Please find below 20 adwords promotional vouchers worth $100 each - for a total of $2,000 in AdWords vouchers!

These adwords voucher codes are totally free and you can use them to:

  • If you're an advertiser, you can start a new AdWords PPC Account to get more customers
  • If you're a PPC Agency, Give these AdWords vouchers to your new customers and apply the AdWords credit on their behalf
  • Reduce sales objections: A $100 adwords voucher can help bing on new customers on AdWords without the risk!.


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Got an Existing AdWords Account? Grade your AdWords Account Performance!

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...And Now, The AdWords Vouchers

You can use these adwords free voucher codes on new adwords accounts today:

  • 3GBM-3KV5-TRPH-86DT-S9A
  • GGZY-HHZ6-2EC3-79Q3-J5J
  • GGZY-HG5S-Y222-XLD7-FJ2

Using your Google AdWords Voucher Code

AdWords Vouchers may only be used on new AdWords accounts, limit one per account.

To apply the adwords coupon code (voucher), create a new adwords account, including your AdWords billing information, click on the 'Billing Preferences' tab, and enter the voucher code when prompted. Terms and Conditions apply. Voucher expires 6 months from date of receipt.

If the Google AdWords Voucher Code that you used is invalid because it's been used by someone else already, try using a different AdWords Voucher Code from the list.

For additional savings, try out our PPC Tools! Our powerful tools for Quality Score optimization, including keyword expansion, negative keyword discovery, campaign organization, keyword bid management, and ad text optimization will enable you to realize better Return on Investment on your SEM investment.

Unfortunately, these AdWords Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with Manager Defined Spend.

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Watch the video below on our Free AdWords Grader:

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Jan 05, 2012

all code already used. can you send me via my email please.Big Thanks.Jon

Jan 05, 2012

Hi Larry,Any chance of emailing a copy.. They are all used as Jon stated!ThanksDev

Jan 20, 2012

Just wondering if you have anymore coupon codes?please contact me at
Jan 25, 2012

Hello, do you still have, extra coupon codes? they are all taken!

Jan 26, 2012

Here are a few extra codes: 67YZ-XFEL-QKLJ-MRXV-GRGS 67Z2-6JXA-ANZH-7228-C3ZJ 67Z2-6JCH-GZ46-KGAQ-NHXA 67Z2-6HNE-2Z67-2YBX-9HP2 Only good for new Adword campaigns

Jan 27, 2012

Hello Duane,
Do you have an extra code that you can send me?
All them are alredy used
Thank you

Larry Kim
Mar 04, 2012

I will post more as soon as I get them (usually Google sends them to me every few months because we're a partner). In the meantime check out our free adwords learning resources!

Mar 01, 2012

Hi,Can you please send me a adwords free voucher codes to my mail( sivagopi.appadurai AT gmail DOT com).Because all the codes has been used.Looking forward for adwords free voucher codes. 

Mar 01, 2012

can you please send me more code? they are all used already. thanks. :)

Mar 03, 2012

Hello, do you still have, extra coupon codes? they are all taken! send me via e-mail pls.Brgds Cristian Ro 

rizve joarder
Mar 03, 2012

I appreciate if anyone share with luck is very bad,i am getting voucher but they are already dead.can anyone share with me a good voucher please?

Larry Kim
Mar 06, 2012

Adwords Voucher Update!I got this in my inbox today - enjoy!867T-WPBK-X5N5-RSXW-3DUJ867T-WP8J-5FH6-5BSK-7FX2867T-WP5R-WTMV-7Y6D-84H2867T-WP37-CTQ5-7B26-JYSA867T-WNYU-FYHB-HQM2-7HMS867T-WNW2-LE7Y-T6R6-NJGJ867T-WNST-HXVS-68RK-L732867T-WNQJ-JFJL-MEJF-GNPA867T-WNMW-HF59-DY42-ET3J867T-WNJV-KFN9-UDXK-D9JA867T-WNGC-S9VM-D87S-VD22867T-WNDJ-ZGHA-3LJE-UUL2867T-WNAW-V6PR-ZYPC-9UPS867T-WN8F-K79V-3F29-6462MMSZ-P8QW-RZ4G-T7A7-4KSMMSZ-P8GE-S8WH-58RT-852MMSZ-P879-JGRB-NXC5-4PA867T-WMV3-W9U4-K6M8-XCLJ867T-WMS9-PC62-7QA9-DLLA867T-WMPX-HH52-RVHL-P5WA

Gavin Owlsen@Buy Cheap Backlinks
Mar 09, 2012

Hi Larry thanks for sharing these codes but unfortunatley all of them have been expired. Do you still have new one? Thanks in advance.

Mar 07, 2012

Do you have any vouchers for already exsisting adwords accounts?

angielski Szczecin
Mar 15, 2012

Such vouchers don't exist! Only for new accounts.

Mar 27, 2012

i get stuff from google every quarter. i will update the post with new voucher codes as i get them.

Apr 11, 2012

Hi Larry I would love a coupon code! If you have any new ones would you be able to send me one? VIA email please. Thanks :) 

Jun 20, 2012

Larry,Google AdWords Videos: 20 PPC Videos to Help You Learn How to Use AdWords - This is wrongly linked to this post What's a good Click Through Rate (CTR) for PPC? The correct post is located here Though I missed the codes, the articles linked here are as worth as the free voucher code. Thanks for the wonderful posts.

Victor Pan
Jun 26, 2012

Thanks for the heads up Vijay! It's now corrected.Glad you found the articles well worth your time!

Victor Pan
Jun 26, 2012

Thanks for the heads up Vijay! It's now corrected.Glad you found the articles well worth your time!

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