Forget Google for a Minute – Look at These Baby Lions


WordStream’s founder and CTO, Larry Kim, isn’t just a PPC veteran and secret linkbuilding addict – he’s also a world traveler and accomplished amateur photographer. Last week he traveled to Africa with his frankly gorgeous wife (who is also a surgeon!) and took some drop-dead amazing photos of the local wildlife.

Naturally, I wanted to find a way to post some of his fantastic shots on the blog, so I took a page from PPC Memes’ book and did what I could to make them relevant to search marketing. (Also, I’m back in the Boston office this week, and the combination of after-work drinks and minor jetlag has made forming full sentences more difficult than usual.)

So please enjoy (and share!) these search marketing memes – the captions are mine, but the photos are all Larry.

SEO Cheetah


AdWords Results


PPC Lion


Bored Buffalo


Baby Lion


pissed bird


SEO cheetahs


infographic vultures


Pinterest cheetah

More Web Marketing Highlights

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Tom Critchlow wrote a great post on the importance of content marketing and why SEOs should care.

Justin Kownacki has a theory about why Pinterest is so popular:

This makes Pinterest seem like a haven for materialistic desperadoes living out their consumerist dreams.  But why is a service whose chief value proposition amounts to “Hey, look at all this shit I can’t afford BUT WANT SO MUCH!!!” becoming so popular?

I think it’s because we all subconsciously miss the mall.

Have a great weekend!

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Feb 13, 2012

This is the most in-depth and detailed guide post for me. I love to enjoy reading fresh posts on this subject.  Thanks for sharing

Elisa Gabbert
Feb 13, 2012

Glad it helped?

Megan Marrs
Feb 13, 2012

We can learn so much from the natural world.

Elisa Gabbert
Feb 13, 2012

Very true :)

Feb 14, 2012

The Steve Jobs one is a bit weird with the vultures and all o.oJCPenney should see this post though ;p

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