So You STILL Want Links? These Link Building Strategies Are OFF THE CHAIN!

April 27, 2018

Sorry for the terrible awesome pun, but I’ve just been reading this Quora thread, “Death by Puns,” and it almost killed me.

Two Tired Bicycle

Anywayz, I saw two great posts this week on link building, and I know how much you guys love link building, so let’s take a look at some of these great tips.

At Search Engine Journal, Sujan Patel writes about 13 unconventional link-building strategies, including:

  • Set up a guest speaking gig: Patel writes, “suppose you reserved a room at your local university and offered to give a free presentation on a topic in your niche. Assuming you advertised your speaking gig correctly, you could see a surge of backlinks from local news sources or other local publications covering your event (not to mention the participants who share word about your presentation on various social networking sites).”
  • Build an app: As Patel points out, this is a relatively time-consuming endeavor, but your efforts can pay off in big-time links.
  • Go old-school and “wine and dine ‘em”: If you’re shooting for “high PageRank links from major companies in your industry,” Patel advocates taking them out for dinner. (Steve Martin’s boss from Parenthood would suggest “getting ‘em laid” to boot.)

These are some good ideas. Our own free keyword tools have been a great source of links! But let’s say you don’t want to limit yourself to “unconventional” approaches – well, Point Blank SEO has you covered, with a ginormo list of link-building strategies that cover the super-basic, the way-out-there and everything in between. Jon Cooper humbly describes it thus: “I’ve put together the most comprehensive list of link building strategies on the Web. If there’s any post on my blog you should bookmark for future reference, this is the one.” Well, since I link to it, you could also bookmark this one. ;)

Here are some of Jon’s ideas (you can click on the headings in the original post to see more information on each technique):

  • Basic strategies like blogging, asking people for links and linking out
  • Submission-based strategies (directories of all types)
  • Content-based strategies like guest posting and writing testimonials
  • Linkbait strategies like infographics and guides

Plus social strategies, paid strategies, community strategies, local strategies AND MORE. It’s a doozy.

More Web Marketing Highlights

Why the Migration to “Optimize for Conversions” is a Good Thing – Martin Roettgerding (unlike our own Adam Shain) thinks that Google’s decision to automatically move all campaigns to the “Optimize for conversions” setting “is good for both Google and the advertiser.”

The 8 Questions That Create Perfect Landing Page Copy – In a great guest post on KISSMetrics, “split test junkie” Michael Lykke Aagaard uses a couple of case studies to develop some guidelines for better-converting copy.

5 Critical B2B SEO Initiatives, In Addition To Developing A Google+ Page For Business – Derek Edmond outlines some supporting activities for Google+ business pages, like nurturing your best referral sources.

Move Over Search Box, Google’s Home Page Gets A Share Box – Another week, another annoying Google development (or five). Danny Sullivan finds it “intrusive.”

Google's new "batshit crazy" UX – In related news, Dustin Curtis thinks Google’s decision to remove to the link to Google’s home page from its logo in Gmail and Google+ is wackadoodle.

Epic Video: Microsoft Attacks Google’s “Googlighting Stranger” – And finally, in related related news, I thought this video making fun of Google Docs was pretty funny. When did Microsoft get hip?

Have a great weekend!

Elisa Gabbert

Elisa Gabbert

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