Best of the Month: WordStream's Top 10 of February

September 13, 2017


Leap Day

Happy Leap Day, earthlings! Does anyone else find this day kind of creepy? I’m actually getting on a plane to Chicago later, and I’m a little worried that maybe we’ll fly into a wormhole and I’ll end up on the other side of a black hole. I don’t know, my physics is a little fuzzy. I just know Leap Years are weird. (And did you know there are leap seconds too? The next one is coming in June 2012. Watch out! No pun intended.)

Since the universe has given us a whole extra day this year, why  not use it to catch up on your reading, hm? Here are our greatest can’t-miss hits from the past month:

  1. 5 Blog Redesign Mistakes That Kill SEO – This guest post from our friends at Boxcar Marketing reveals some common gotchas that can make a site redesign more painful that it needs to be. Don’t get caught with your pants (or your links) down!
  2. 7 Examples of Awesomely Creative Advertising: Using Your Environment – Meg put together this great list of innovative advertising strategies like “seed bombing” and “reverse graffiti.” (Recent tweet I saw in my stream: Innovation used to mean “we used slide rules to make a rocket that went to the moon.” Now it's “look...ads!”)
  3. Google AdWords Basics: 5 Things to Get Right First – It’s all well and good to screw around with dayparting and geo-targeting – but before you  get too involved in such advanced tactics, make sure you’ve mastered these five campaign basics.
  4. Are You Making These 3 Pay-Per-Click Advertising Mistakes? – If so, you’re either leaving money on the table or paying way more than you need to.
  5. Crushing on Love Letters: A Valentine's Day Case Study in User Engagement – Meg is one of many avid fans of the Love Letters column in the Boston Globe. In this post, she takes a look at why Meredith Goldstein’s column is so popular with readers – who comment like crazy.
  6. AdWords Blogging Mania! Our Best Google AdWords Blog Posts of All Time – Check out our top 10 most popular articles about Google AdWords.
  7. What Is an AdWords Audience? – Learn how to use the AdWords audience tab to improve targeting in your display campaigns.
  8. The Overworked Advertiser's Guide to AdWords Bid Management – Ain’t got time to mess with bids? Here’s a bid management strategy that works if you’ve got minimal time and money to spare.
  9. Introducing Enhanced Ad Sitelinks: The War on SEO Wages On – Larry muses on Google’s latest move to make SEO harder (and PPC comparatively more important).
  10. Keyword Not Provided – What Is the esrc=s String in Google Analytics? – As for this month, about 30% of our organic search traffic is obfuscated by Google. NO FAIR!
Elisa Gabbert

Elisa Gabbert

Elisa Gabbert is WordStream's Director of Content and SEO. Likes include wine, karaoke, poker, ping-pong, perfume, and poetry.

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