AdWords Live Chat Ad Extension Now In Beta!

July 23, 2018

Breaking News!

Adwords Releases New Live Chat Ad Extensions! Take a look at this incredible screenshot!

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What is the New AdWords Live Chat Ad Extension

This new Ad Extension appears to enable a live chat session by clicking on the "Live Chat" icon within the Google AdWords ad! The chat extension has not been announced by Google yet in any official capacity.

This exciting new ad extension builds on many other interesting ad extensions released by Google in the last year including:

Personally, I am very excited by Live Chat Ad Extensions in AdWords because it greatly reduces the the time it takes to speak to your leads, which should lead to higher conversions, since we know that buyer interest decays over time.

Pay Per Chat Marketing?

What do you think of the new Live Chat AdWords Extension? (also known as "Chat in Ads"). Are you ready for Pay Per Chat Marketing? What Ad Extensions would you like to see next? Write your thoughts in the comment fields below!

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Larry Kim

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