WordStream's Top 10 of the Month


Check out our top 10 greatest hits from June!

  1. Everything You Want to Know About Quality Score & Landing Pages – This FAQ, consisting of questions we received during a recent webinar, is packed with info on AdWords Quality Score and how your landing pages affect it.
  2. RIP SEO Footer Links – Matt Cutts recently announced that boilerplate, sitewide links don’t count for much if anything. Has your link strategy changed?
  3. AdWords Live Chat Ad Extension Now In Beta – Google appears to be testing a new “Live Chat” extension that allows people to click a button to initiate a live chat directly from a PPC ad.
  4. 3 Things I’ve Learned from Founding a Software Start-Up – Larry talks about his experience with founding, bootstrapping, and securing funding for a software company that is now almost four years old and still going strong! (Spoiler alert: It’s really hard.)
  5. What Would an AdWords Consultant Do? AdWords Experts Share Their Stories, Part 16 – Jorn Vriend, who works at a Dutch SEM agency, shares his secrets for getting high Quality Scores and stellar ROI from AdWords marketing.
  6. Bing's Sponsored Results for 'Keyword' Are Out of Control – My coworker Sergey alerted me to the screwy paid results that are showing up for the term “keyword” on Bing. Note to marketers using adCenter – watch your search query report or pay the price!
  7. Matt Cutts: 'Don't Write the Epitaph for Links Just Yet' – In his annual chat with Danny Sullivan at SMX, Cutts talked about links, spam, and the importance of being awesome.
  8. RIP Clickable, Inc. – In a surprise move, Clickable was acquired this month by Syncapse, a social media management company. What’s going on there?
  9. The Evolution of Google AdWords – A $38 Billion Advertising Platform – In this guest post, Thomas Bagshaw reviews the changes AdWords has gone through since it was created in 2000.
  10. Google Announces AdWords Scripts – Learn about the new alternative to the AdWords API that helps developers with scripting.

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Omni Chaparala - Dallas Real Estate
Jul 01, 2012

Personally, I believe Adwords does not a good ROI. I have used it and never got many conversions.It was costing us too much and so we focused on efforts through link building. So, I dont read the articles aboutGoogle Adwords that much. It might be useful for some industries but for ours I did not see good results. 

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