To Bing or Not to Bing? WordStream Is Now Cross-Platform!

September 9, 2016

To Bing or not to Bing, that is the question – for countless advertisers who are considering whether to advertise on Bing (and Yahoo!). The pros are pretty clear. Advertising on Bing gives you access to roughly 30% of the search market. If you play your cards right, that’s 30% more impressions. And 30% more clicks. To top it all off, costs per click (CPCs) on Bing tend to be a little cheaper than AdWords, so advertisers can potentially get a higher ROI on their PPC spend.

Now I know what you’re thinking – more impressions, more clicks, better ROI –there has to be a catch right?

And there is.

In order to access Bing’s share of the market you need to set up a separate account on Microsoft adCenter. This means you need to have new campaigns, new ad groups, new keywords, new ads and new bids. It essentially doubles your workload while only increasing your reach by about 30%. Plus, Bing’s online interface isn’t quite up to snuff with AdWords – in fact, it’s notoriously difficult to use! – so your account can take more time to manage.

At WordStream, we were curious to know how advertisers dealt with this problem, so we started talking to people. Customers. Prospects. Random people on the street. If you were running PPC campaigns on AdWords and Bing we wanted to talk to you so that we could understand how you are able to manage both platforms and still find time to sleep. When we pooled all of the data that we collected we found something really interesting, yet not entirely surprising: The vast majority of advertisers deal with the problem of managing two separate accounts by avoiding it. Rather than invest the time in running each PPC account separately, the advertisers we spoke with basically manage their Google account and do their best to update their Bing accounts as they go. This often involved multiple browsers, notebooks and (no joke) a husband and wife team who yelled to each other from their desks on opposite sides of the room.

With this information in hand, we set out to make advertising on Bing easier for WordStream Advisor users. In our adCenter integration release, we focused on building tools that allow users to quickly and easily manage their Bing account alongside their AdWords account. If WordStream Advisor recommends a good keyword to add to AdWords, you can also add it to Bing with just one click.

Same goes for negative keywords (click the image to enlarge):

If you want to manually add an ad group to your AdWords account you can choose to add it to Bing at the same time. That way you can access Bing’s 30% of the market without having to navigate through Microsoft’s online interface or remember which keyword goes where.

With the latest release you can advertise across the Big 3 search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo), with the added benefits of:

  • One-Stop Shopping: Manage all your PPC campaigns in a single, simplified interface – no more bouncing between browsers (or yelling across the room).
  • Easier adCenter Management: Leverage the 20-Minute PPC Work Week to optimize your Bing campaigns in as little time as possible.
  • Cross-Platform Analytics: Easily compare your performance across multiple search engines so you can make the most of your budget.

If you’re not already a WordStream client, we hope you’ll check out the latest release!

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