Google Knowledge Graph Gets Fancy with Slider Results at Top of Page


Yesterday, blanking on the name of the movie Magnolia, I googled the phrase “tom cruise movies,” and saw a really surprising result (click the image to enlarge):


Movie SERP


Knowledge Graph on Steroids!!! This huge, sliding row of movie posters at the top of the page – very reminiscent of Netflix’s browsing design – is beyond eye-catching; it’s practically all I can see. When you click on one of the movie posters, you’re directed to a new SERP, as though you searched for the name of that movie:


Knowledge Graph SERP


Larry saw something similar this week on his mobile phone while doing a tourism-related search:


Tourism SERP


What’s Going on Here?

You haven’t forgotten my big conspiracy theory about the Google Knowledge Graph, have you? I suspect that Google is trying to train users to pay more attention to the parts of the page that have traditionally been reserved for ads. They started with the right side of the screen; now they’re using the very top of the SERP (again, space that’s usually given over to sponsored results) with big, flashy, colorful, clickable pictures. People see movie posters and think, “Hey! That’s exactly what I was looking for!” Then next week, when they do a commercial search for something like “single-serving coffee makers,” they see big pretty pictures again – only this time, those pictures are product listing ads. Products listings are now a “purely commercial model.” That means clicking them results in revenue for Google.

Have you seen a SERP like this, and if so, what type of search was it for?

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Steven Millard
Sep 03, 2012

This is the first time I have seen search results like this it doesn't happen to me when I do it. Maybe because I am on, anyways very interesting google is divulging into wikipedia and imdb territory. Interesting. Internet Marketing Products & Newsletter

Terry Van Horne
Sep 04, 2012

If I were buying ads.... I'd appreciate that they are not putting ads on Knowledge graph results. cuz quite simply they aren't transcational queries! So good on 'em for knowing what both users and advertisers want.

Elisa Gabbert
Sep 04, 2012

Yes, it's interesting, they're finding a way to do something with that space on queries where they're not making any ad revenue.

Patrick Williams
Sep 27, 2012

This is a very smart move for google.  Bing has been stepping up there search game.  As an seo specialist for, I see new trends almost daily.  I appreciate the great content so I can stay informed and better serve my clients.  

Baytech Web Design
Nov 29, 2012

Really very interesting and day-by-day google gone even more smarter and above content is superb,I appreciate it.

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