3 More (Yes, More!) Ways to Save Money on PPC



Save Money on PPC

Already followed all our other tips on cutting costs in your PPC account? Still want to squeeze more efficiency out of your campaigns so you have more pocket money for cocktails and handbags? I feel you sister. Here are even more ways to make your paid search budget go farther.

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Close Your A/B Tests

PPC ad testing always starts out with the best of intentions. You want to improve your click-through rate (CTR) or conversion rate so you write variations on your old ads, then sit back and wait for the new and improved results to roll in. Over the next few weeks, or even months, you check back, sometimes pausing an ad that is under-performing, but never really concluding your A/B test. Many advertisers leave their ad tests  running for 6 months or longer, way after statistical significance is reached.

An easy way to increase your PPC account’s performance is to pause all ads in every ad group except the top performer. If you leave your tests running too long, your weaker ads will continue to run next to the winners, racking up impressions while you lose valuable clicks and conversions in the process. Don’t forget to eventually declare a winner so you can claim all those extra clicks and leads! In the long run it will improve your Quality Scores and ROI.

Create a Negative Keyword Conflicts Report

If you run campaigns on Bing Ads (formerly adCenter), you can create a negative keyword conflicts report, which lets you know if any of your negative keywords could be at cross purposes with keywords you’re actively bidding on. For example, let’s say you’re bidding on the term “window cleaner” and you have “free” set as a negative keyword, as many businesses do. That would prevent your ads from showing when someone searches on “streak free window cleaner.” Being overly aggressive with negative keywords can kill your volume. This report can help prevent that. Here are instructions from Bing on how to do it:

  1. Click Reports along the top of the page. This brings you to the Reports page.
  2. Click Create a new report and then select Negative Keyword Conflicts report from the Targeting section.
    This report is automatically a summary of today's activity only.
  3. Here are some options:
    • You can add more detail to your report or filter its data in the Advanced settings (optional) section.
    • If you want, you can give your negative keyword conflict report a name in the Templates and scheduling (optional) section.
    • You can also save the report as a template or schedule it to run automatically.
  4. Click Create new report to run your report.

Naturally, the insights from this report shouldn’t be limited to your Bing campaigns. If you find negative keywords that are preventing your ads from showing on search queries that could drive valuable traffic for you, be sure to disable or refine those negatives in AdWords as well.

Create More, and More Specific, Landing Pages

When we asked Perry Marshall the top three mistakes that new AdWords advertisers make, his #2 answer was sending all clicks to the home page. Specificity is really important to PPC success, and you’re never going to get ROI from PPC if all your clicks bounce after they get to your site. Each landing page should have a clear connection to the corresponding ad and the keyword you’re bidding on – it really tans my hide when I click an ad that advertises “black cropped pants” and I land on some page on a clothing site with no black cropped pants in sight. In most cases, more landing pages will result in more conversions, even at the same number of clicks.

Need inspiration for creating better landing pages? Check out some of Oli Gardner’s landing page critiques on the Unbounce blog:

  • 25 Smart Landing Pages for Collecting Leads [+10 Tips for Your Next Page]
  • 35 Beautiful Landing Page Design Examples to Drool Over [With Critiques]

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Sep 18, 2012

Kissmetrics offers two great resources for those looking to find out more about creating excellent landing pages,just thought I'd share...Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Pagehttp://blog.kissmetrics.com/landing-page-design-infographic/The Blueprint for a Perfectly Testable Landing Pagehttp://blog.kissmetrics.com/landing-page-blueprint/  

Elisa Gabbert
Sep 18, 2012

Thanks for sharing, Matt!

Béate Vervaecke
Sep 19, 2012

The equivalent of the Negative Keyword Conflicts Report for AdWords is the keyword diagnosis report, to be found in the keyword tab, under "more actions"

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Feb 19, 2015

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Sep 20, 2012

thanks for sharing your great tip.. pause all ads in every ad group except the top performer, this tip works for me...

Affiliate Marketing
Sep 20, 2012

This post was not only great writing but great information. PPC is not my strength traffic. I am more into media buying and other traffic methods and have recently decided to do more PPC than anything.  I am an affiliate marketer and clicks that conert are impoertant to me. After reading this post...I was able to successfully better my PPC campaigns to my offers earning me more money. I have done well with PPC since 2 years ago but never at a great volume as I am now. Thanks for the information and I look forward to more.

Sep 20, 2012

An excellent article, highlights mistakes I made in the past, thanks for sharing,I am now running cpc campaigns fulltime.

Sep 20, 2012

Elisa,Can you point to any evidence that an on-page form works better than a button leading to a form on another page?  Here's why I ask. Our Landing page list is growing in an effort to make our PPC campaigns more congruent and linear from keyword > ad copy > landing page, as is best practice. Managing over 100 forms on 100 different pages is becoming quite a challenge. It's easier to have a few centralized conversion pages that are linked to from CTA's on all our landing pages. Can you point to any studies that have tested this? 

Elisa Gabbert
Sep 20, 2012

Hi Peter,In general, yes, having the form on the page increases conversion rates (see here for example) BUT there are two things to keep in mind:

  1. The idea is to get incrementally better. If creating more landing pages increases your conversion rates over having just a few pages, great. You can always make it a goal to keep the form on every landing page later. The point is do whatever maximizes your conversion rates now.
  2. Test before deciding. Every site is different. "Best practices" are so-called because they tend to work for most sites, but you may find that having a form on a second page works for you.

Sep 20, 2012

Like Elisa said, you're going to want to pay attention to conversion best practices when formatting your landing pages...but what works best for some isn't necessarily going to work for everyone.  The link below is a basic case study on a site that was able to increase conversion rates by 60% by actually removing the sign up form from the landing page and replacing it with a simple 'Call To Action' button which redirected users to a secondary sign up page containing the form.Test different methods in order to determine what's best for you... http://visualwebsiteoptimizer.com/split-testing-blog/signup-conversion-rate-ab-testing/

MK Gujer
Sep 20, 2012

very usefull article i dont know about it before at all,anyone have idea where to find search term / search query report in Bing? 

Dec 06, 2012

Those article links above are worth their weight in gold. The info about conflicting negative keywords has also given me food for thought on a couple of campeigns. Also, personally I find that on-page forms have also worked better with me for increasing coversion rates.

Dee Williams
Mar 07, 2013

Hi Elisa,Really good stuff. I was turned onto your blog by a couple of our ClickReport.com customers.Can you send me a note. I'd like to work together.Dee

Mar 25, 2015

What's up, I read your blogs daily. Your humoristic style is awesome, keep
up the good work!

Aug 08, 2013

Hello Dee, Where can I find reliable reviews on ClickReport?I am interested to sign up but there is no third-party credit card watchdog and I can't find any references on the internet. This weird for a company that has been around for 10 years... Thank in advance1 Bill

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