WordStream's Best of the Month: October's Top 10

September 11, 2017

Good morning, faithful readers! Did you celebrate Halloween? WordStream sure did! And I just know Larry was working on this costume for MONTHS:

WordStream Halloween

I’m just sorry I wasn’t there to see the dance!

Before November gets underway in earnest, take a moment to catch up on our blog’s best posts from last month:

  1. The Changing Economics of Google AdWords – Our latest infographic breaks down just what goes on in the Google AdWords economy in a single day – including how many total impressions, clicks and conversions occur on Google Search and the Display Network in 24 hours. The infographic also includes top-level metrics for the top 10 industries that spend the most on AdWords advertising.
  2. 10 Reasons SEO Is Harder for Small Businesses – Some readers out there have gotten the idea that we don’t believe in SEO. That is DEFINITELY not the case. But we do think SEO is getting harder, especially for SMBs. Here are ten reasons why.
  3. Top 25 Most Popular YouTube Videos of All Time: What Makes a Video Go Viral? – Find out what Gangam Style and all the rest have in common.
  4. Vanity URL: What It Is, How To Get One, & Why Your Life Is Worse Without Them – Our SEO ninja shares seven reasons why vanity URLs make online marketing more awesome.
  5. Content Keywords FAQ: How to Use SEO Keywords for Content Marketing – Get answers to 10 frequently asked questions about using keywords in your content marketing efforts.
  6. New Disavow Links Tools Proves Negative SEO Exists, Is a Serious Issue - After months of denying/downplaying the impact of negative SEO, Google launched a new and widely anticipated disavow links tool. What does it mean, and should you actually use it?
  7. What's a Good Conversion Rate on Google AdWords? Average Conversion Rates by Industry – Ever wonder if your AdWords conversion rate is any good? Check out these benchmarks for the top 10 industries.
  8. Trim the Fat from Your Online Marketing with Agile Methods – Heather Rast explains how agile development methods can streamline and improve your marketing efforts in this guide.
  9. New Techniques For Getting Higher Quality Scores – In this guest post, John Rampton shares some tips for raising your Quality Score beyond just improving your CTR.
  10. Google's AdWords Policy Update: What SMBs Need to Know – Google recently updated its AdWords policy to place higher focus on relevance, clarity and accuracy. Might be time for a PPC audit! 

Have a great weekend, folks.

Elisa Gabbert

Elisa Gabbert

Elisa Gabbert is WordStream's Director of Content and SEO. Likes include wine, karaoke, poker, ping-pong, perfume, and poetry.

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