Google Remarketing Cheatsheet: 12 Steps to Set Up a Remarketing List (+ Free Download)

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Last Updated: November 19, 2021 | Display Ads
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We created a Google remarketing cheatsheet as a take-home for a recent webinar. It’s a handy reference for anyone who is interested in setting up a remarketing campaign in Google Ads (AdWords). Below is the 12-step process to setting up a new remarketing list, and you can click here to download the cheatsheet as a PDF. Thanks to our SEM Manager Rich Griffin for creating this resource!

1. Define your remarketing strategy.

  • Will you target all visitors to your site?
  • Are you only interested in targeting visitors to a specific page?

2. Create the remarketing code.

Google Ads > Shared Library > Audiences > + New Audience > Remarketing List

AdWords Remarketing Tips

3. Fill in all of the required parameters including membership duration, list name, and a brief description of the tag. Then click “save.”

4. Navigate to the new remarketing code and click the “tag” link.

5. Copy this new remarketing code to the appropriate pages.

6. Next, navigate back to “all online campaigns.”

7. Create a new campaign and include “Remarketing” in the campaign name.

8. Create a new ad group within the “Remarketing” campaign and define the ad group default Max CPC.

9. Add both text and image ads to this new ad group. Here are the image ad size requirements:

Remarketing Images

10. Next, stay within the newly created ad group and click on the “Display Network” tab then the “Interests & Remarketing” button.

Google Display Network Remarketing

11. Click “+ Change display targeting” > “Remarketing Lists” > and select the remarketing list you created in step 2 > then click save.

Change Display Targeting

You are now all set. Your remarketing ads will not begin to show until this new remarketing code tags at least 100 unique visitors within 30 days. You can see the size of your lists in the audiences section of Google Ads.

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