Keep It Simple, Stupid – 6 Tips for Creating Clean & Simple PPC Landing Pages


When I was in high school, my geometry teacher said his favorite saying to live by was “KiSS - Keep It Simple, Stupid.” No matter what topic we were covering, he usually tried it squeeze it into the lesson plan. Although it might not apply to every situation, I find that applying it to landing pages always works wonders for my clients.

All too often I come across landing pages or websites that are overloaded with text, images, forms, animations, and so on and so forth. It becomes overwhelming and often times confusing – “What’s going on here? What am I looking at? Where am I?” Potential customers or leads take off before completing any actions because they don’t know what action they are supposed to take.

Bad PPC Landing Page Example


Six Tips for Keeping Your Landing Pages Nice & Simple

Whenever creating a new landing page, keep it as simple and clean as possible. I usually like to follow these rules:

  • Keep the text to a minimum, but make it count. List key features, attributes or services with brief descriptions. Talk about what separates you from the competition. Make sure it’s original and relevant to your ad copy!
  • Have clear, relevant images – either of the product or something closely related. Don’t overdo it though – usually a large banner image is sufficient. You can also test swapping the image for a short (less than a minute) video.
  • If you have a form on the landing page, keep it short & sweet. Just ask for the most important information and what you need in order to contact them. Typically name, email, and phone number are going to be sufficient.
  • For lead generation, try giving away a “freebie”, such as a webinar or whitepaper, to get people to fill out the form.
  • Utilize arrows – try incorporating subtle (or even not so subtle) arrows pointing to the action you want the visitor to complete.
  • Always Be TestingContinuously test images, copy, and even form fields. Sometimes the images and copy that work best are the ones you least expect!

Clean Landing Page Example

That’s more like it.

Randi is part of the Managed Services team here at WordStream as well as lending support to Customer Success. She manages a number of (vastly) different accounts, from a baby bloomers shop to a mobile app developer and everything in between. Randi has been doing PPC for almost 5 years now, 1 and a half years at WordStream. She grew up in central MA near Worcester and attended Westfield State University (nee College) for Public Relations & Marketing. She currently resides in Newton with her 2 cats and 3 human roommates.

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Mark Thomas Walters
Feb 17, 2013

It's always worth using some space, and taking some time, to build trust on landing pages too. A phone number, address, privacy policy link, testimonial, etc. make a big difference. I find that having them near to the CTA helps. Keep trust signals simple too though. No need for anything clever.

Glasgow SEO
May 04, 2013

The last point that you made is critical.There is no harm in testing out different landing pages and by using Analytics, see if your bounce rate either increases or decreases.One other major factor is loading time. If a landing page takes too long then a user while give up waiting for images etc to load.

Dan Ray
Jul 15, 2013

I like the look of your page but in my testing the number 1 thing that increases the CTR of a landing page is social proof, I have tried twitter followers, facebook likes, testimonials and every conceivable combination of the 3, and by far testimonials make the largest difference. And for an unknown reason putting them at the top left of my pages in a rotating javascript widget works the best.

May 19, 2014

Giving "Freebie" doesnt always work and in many cases we cant do this like for real-estate landing pages.

Apr 05, 2015

I consider my landing page to be clean and precise for visitors, Seems to work wonders.

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