The PPC Toolbox, Part 2: Competitive Research, Landing Page Creation, & Other Helpful Tools

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Last Updated: November 15, 2021 | Paid Search Marketing
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The PPC Toolbox, Part 2: Competitive Research, Landing Page Creation, & Other Helpful Tools

August 22, 2019
Paid Search Marketing


Yesterday, I shared a number of different PPC tools that will help with building and tracking performance in your account. This time around, I have a few new tools and sites that will help you check some performance statistics of your competition and see how you compare to them. I am also sharing a few tools that I have found myself needing quite a bit when managing my accounts and working with various clients.

PPC Competitor Analysis

SpyFu: SpyFu allows you to do in-depth research on competitors and see what keywords they are bidding on, as well as ad history, average position, and potential daily spend ranges. Whether you want to do in-depth research on a specific competitor or to see everyone that’s bidding on your top keywords, SpyFu lets you do it all. It offers a free version which allows you to see the top 10 keywords from a competitor or stats on a specific keyword, but also has a paid option with even more features.

Spyfu PPC This site allows you to see some basic analytic stats on your competition – monthly unique visitors, changes in monthly traffic, competitiveness, and more. It’s very useful for gauging how your competition is growing and who you need to focus on. It offers a free version and a more in-depth version for a fee.

Compete PPC Tool Alexa is very similar to Compete, but offers even more stats, including some search analytics. It provides the top 10 search queries, daily search traffic over the course of last 30 days, and it even gives you overview stats, like how many keywords they are targeting in Google and Yahoo/Bing. Additional features include demographic info, contact info, and overall traffic stats. While there is a paid version of Alexa, the free version provides a significant amount of data, so you might not even need it.

Alexa PPC Tool

Tools for PPC Landing Page Creation

Unbounce: Unbounce provides multiple, easy-to-use templates for a variety of different landing page types, including lead generation and mobile apps. Create simple and beautiful landing pages with ease!

PPC Landing Page Tools

Shopify: Similar to Unbounce, but for e-commerce sites. Create great-looking store fronts and product pages!

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Miscellaneous PPC Tools

These tools are especially useful if you manage multiple PPC clients in different time zones.

Area Code Lookup: It doesn’t seem like something you’d need all that much, but when you’re trying to figure out where the calls are coming from that were generated from the call extension, it can be a huge time saver!

Currency Converter: Trying to figure out what the US equivalent CPA is for a client in the UK? This handy tool will do it in seconds.

International Dialing Code: Even after calling clients around the world multiple times, I still look up what I need to dial using this easy tool.

Time Zone Converter: Not sure what time it is in Japan and you don’t want to wake up your client? The Time Zone Converter quickly figures it out for you! Can be very helpful for finding new keywords or even finding different words to try in your ad text!

Did I miss any great tools that you use in your PPC toolbox? If so, let me know if the comments!


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