Bing Says AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Not in Customer's Best Interest

May 2, 2018
Bing Enhanced Campaigns

In a bid to capitalize on widespread discontent and outrage in the SEM community over Google AdWords enhanced campaigns, Bing today reiterated their view that EC’s are essentially a bad move and indicated that they will not be following Google’s lead as far as their product development efforts are concerned.

Bing Champions “Advertiser Choice,” Implies that Google Doesn’t Care

While Bing’s announcement itself is pretty straightforward, they used a 1200-word blog post to indict Google of not providing “advertiser choice.”

The blog post enumerates a litany of complaints that have been leveled against Google in recent months, including the notion that:

Bing concludes:

We’re committed in giving advertisers the tools to control their spending, target the most relevant audience, and ensure they can get the best return on investment. Thus, we do not believe bundling together mobile, desktop and tablet advertising in an opaque manner is in the best interest of our customer base or the industry at large. The Bing Ads team wants to ensure you, our customers, have maximum transparency.

Bing Reminds Us that You Can Still Export Your AdWords Account to Bing

I had to laugh a bit when Google announced enhanced campaigns on February 6 and then only 2 weeks later updated their AdWords API terms to comply with FTC Antitrust Settlement to allow easier exporting of AdWords Campaign data into Bing. Why?

Because with such a radical change in campaign structure, it meant that campaigns cannot be brought over to Bing if there aren’t concepts and constructs that mirror those in enhanced campaigns.

Nevertheless, Bing now says they’ll update their AdWords to Bing account conversion tools to ensure advertisers can continue to seamlessly transition between both products.  For example, in the updated account converter which will be available in a few months, advertisers who import enhanced campaigns from AdWords, Bing will support the ability to mark ads as being mobile optimized, etc.

Kowtowing to Search Marketers' Concerns Is a Brilliant PR Move

In a recent WordStream webinar poll of approximately 200 search marketers on March 21, 2013, AdWords enhanced campaign detractors outnumbered supporters by roughly a 5:1 ratio, when excluding those who are indifferent, as illustrated here:

You can still convert google adwords enhanced campaigns to Bing

(Note: For the record, I personally welcome Enhanced Campaigns and think they're a move in the right direction.)

It appears that Bing is piling on the bandwagon, hoping to pick up some market share among upset search marketers by providing “advertiser choice.” The strategy may be working based on a sample of enthousiastic anonymous blog comments on the Bing Ads blog, as shown here:

Long Live Bing - I Hope Google Realizes What a Huge Mistake This is

However, some other blog commenters at Search Engine Land were less convinced:

adcenter enhanced campaigns

Have Your Say

Does Bing’s announcement not to follow Google Enhanced Campaigns make you more or less likely to advertise on Bing? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!.

Larry Kim

Larry Kim

Larry Kim is the founder of WordStream and CEO of MobileMonkey, a chatbot building platform.

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