Creating the Next Generation of PPC Superheroes

April 3, 2015

Our friends at Hanapin Marketing and PPC Hero need your help!

PPC Hero
Pat East, the CEO of Hanapin Marketing, teaches a summer workshop at Indiana University that covers all aspects of Internet marketing, including a core module in PPC. Their grades are dependent on demonstrating their PPC knowledge by successfully creating and managing an AdWords account for a real business.

How You Can Help

Hanapin is looking for eight U.S.-based companies to participate in this program and help out the students. The companies must be willing to make a $250 investment in PPC to help a student out – as well as to see if PPC is a good fit for their business!

How to Get Started

If you want to do your part in building the future of PPC, contact Hanapin's Director of Paid Search Jeff Allen directly (Jeff.Allen@hanapinmarketing.com) to volunteer your business.

When you volunteer, a student will be assigned to your account and will hold a 30- to 60-minute call with you to get key information about your business. This will help them create and optimize an AdWords account on your behalf, making the most of your $250 in ad spend. And don't worry – the students will be working under the supervision of both Pat and Jeff.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Be a hero and head over to the PPC Hero blog to learn more.

Elisa Gabbert

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