MAY We Brag About Our Best Posts of the Month?

August 17, 2016

I realized long ago that journalism is 75% puns. I still remember the time in high school yearbook when my best friend Marisa was putting together a spread on international travel. She couldn’t think up a good caption to go under a photo of some student at the Eiffel Tower. I suggested “Get an eye-ful.” SHE LOVED IT! And into the yearbook it went, preserved for posterity.

Hence the unfortunate title of this post. I have to do these roundups once a month, guys, let me have my fun, OK?

Now, on to our top 10 awesomest posts of the month, in order of awesomeness, as determined by YOU, our faithful readers!

  1. Review of Mention, a Great Alternative to Google Alerts for Brand Monitoring – Google Alerts used to be the gold standard for brand monitoring, but they’ve fallen off of late. I took Mention for a spin and found it to be a much more robust offering for keep track of brand mentions and my “vanity search.”
  2. Buying Twitter Followers: The (Cheap) Price of Friendship – Should you buy Twitter followers? Is it worth the cost to see your numbers go up? Will everyone be so impressed? Megan Marrs debates the pros and cons.
  3. Should You Include the Same Keyword with All Match Types in AdWords? – Some PPC managers bid on the same keyword with all the different match types. Is this necessary? Lisa Wilkinson, one of our client services stars, investigates.
  4. News Flash: PPC Is Inbound Marketing – When SEOmoz announced its rebranding as just Moz this week, we couldn’t help but notice that they filed PPC under “inbound marketing.” About time!
  5. Persuasive Copywriting: 4 Tips for Higher Converting Websites – In this guest post, Smriti Chawla outlines some lesser-known persuasive copywriting techniques that you can implement on your website to subtly get the odds in your favor.
  6. Social Media Management Tools: What’s the Right Tool for Your Business? – If you’re looking for software to help you manage Twitter, Facebook and other social accounts, check out Meg’s reviews of HootSuite, Buffer, Sprout Social, and Social Bro.
  7. Why Tumblr Will Make Yahoo Billions: The Chronic Undervaluation of Display and Mobile – Many people felt that Yahoo’s billion-dollar Tumblr buy was a mistake, but Larry thinks it’s a brilliant move. Here’s why.
  8. Brooks Brothers' Gatsby Collection & Other Advertising Tie-Ins That Totally Missed the Point – If you’ve read The Great Gatsby, you know it’s not about the elegance of shirts. Looks like someone at Brooks Brothers never finished the book!
  9. PPC Campaign Structure Case Study: English Soccer & The 80-20 Rule – What’s the best way to structure a PPC campaign? Why not model it on the English soccer league system? Here’s how one client did it.
  10. How Not to Market to Women: Fashion Isn't ALL Women Care About – I get a little feisty about companies trying to sell me yogurt and house paint by showing me images of lipstick and shoes. Makes no sense!

Image via Moyan Brenn

Elisa Gabbert

Elisa Gabbert

Elisa Gabbert is WordStream's Director of Content and SEO. Likes include wine, karaoke, poker, ping-pong, perfume, and poetry.

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