Best of the Month: September’s Greatest Hits


While compiling the “Best of September” post this month, I happened across this, on Tumblr:

best of september

Seasonal Babysitters Club covers are the best way to celebrate any holiday or change of season. Print this out on a sweatshirt and wear it while sipping your pumpkin-flavored whatever.

Wow, I wish I had known about this before! Please tell me I’m not the only person in the search marketing industry who read every Babysitters Club book. (Then sold the whole collection at a garage sale for less than $20, sob.)

Now for some reading to enjoy as you sip that pumpkin latte. Here are our 10 most popular blog posts from past 30 days. Read ‘em, know ‘em, love ‘em.

  1. The Best Keyword Research Tools (For Experienced Fishermen & Fisherwomen Only) - The AdWords Keyword Tool's reign has come to an end. Johnathan Dane shares his eight favorite keyword tool alternatives.
  2. Content Marketing for E-Commerce: 3 Great Examples - Content marketing: Not just for B2B and lead gen companies! Here are three e-commerce businesses killing it with clever content.
  3. How to Make an Excel Bubble Chart for PPC - Excel wizard Chad Summerhill shows us how to improve our PPC storytelling with bubble charts.
  4. New! Build Landing Pages & Manage Leads with WordStream - The rumors are true: We've released a landing page builder. It's pretty cool.
  5. Mobile Advertising: Why Just Showing Up on Mobile Isn’t Enough - Adam from our product team explains why you need mobile-specific ads if you're going to advertise on mobile devices.
  6. How to Create Squeeze Pages: What Makes an Awesome Squeeze Page Design? - What the heck is a squeeze page? Meg explains, with plenty of tips and examples.
  7. PPC for Lead Generation: How to Get More Leads with PPC - PPC works amazingly well for lead-gen companies, especially those with relatively high customer value. Learn how to make it work for you.
  8. New Commands for Google Voice Search: It Doesn’t Get Much Lazier Than This - Learn what that little microphone in your Google search box is for, and how to use it.
  9. Creative PPC: 5 Clever & Interesting Ways to Use PPC Marketing - This fun guest post from Taewoo Kim shares some smart ideas for using PPC in ways you never thought of.
  10. The 80/20 Principle Part 2: Force Multiplication & The 80/20 Principle, Part 3: Finding Your Natural Persuasion Groove - Perry Marshall continues to blow our minds with this series on the 80/20 principle and all the ways you can leverage it. (Find Part 1 here.)

See you in October!



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Randall Magwood
Sep 30, 2013

"New! Build Landing Pages & Manage Leads with WordStream"This is my favorite. I have confidence in your guy's landing pages.

Oct 01, 2013

I am going to pay close attention to the information you posted about squeeze pages. I have not been using them like I should. This article has motivated me to just stop, and take a good look at the way i have been doing some things. I have been trying to take the short cuts.Thanks for the article. Great information.

Micheal Bian
Oct 01, 2013

Thank you for sharing this one.

Oct 01, 2013

Nice startegies shared. I will see then when i will be having my next e commerce project.

Chris Atkin
Oct 01, 2013

Really great writing smart grabbing honestly. You helped give me well read material and a solid understanding of this topic. I am truly thankful to the holder of this website who has shared this impressive article at at this time. Keep t this good job guys.

Megan Marrs
Oct 02, 2013

I read the "Baby Sitter's Little Sister" series. What a tongue-tier! I guess I wasn't cool enough for the real thing. I preferred the Boxcar Children anyway. 

Oct 04, 2013

Creative PPC Campaigns = Awesome. One guy uses PPC to get a Job, another a date. Is that going to be a thing?? Consumer PPC???

Mar 03, 2014

This is very much satisfied by the different info in this article. All the contents too good, can be very helpful for us. I love reading new post and I am always searching for helpful information like this. Thanks for sharing the information.

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